Pesta Blogger 2009 gets a logo

Slowly but surely the momentum is building up for Pesta Blogger 2009. The Committee has just decided on the winning entry for the logo of Pesta Blogger 2009 and it is a design by Eko Eddi Sucipto, a blogger as well as a freelance corporate identiy freelancer.

Judging from the comments from the Pesta most of the bloggers like the design but others think it too squiggly. But what’s a design worth if it does not attract controversy?

Other developments: an institution is said to have just committed to becoming a major sponsor, but you’ll have to wait for the announcement.

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3 thoughts on “Pesta Blogger 2009 gets a logo

  1. @Rocky: It’s on Oct 24 and will be held in Jakarta but we’ll be organizing mini-pesta bloggers as well as “blogshops” (where we do workshops on blogging) in a few cities within an outside Jawa.

    Would be great if we can get Malaysian bloggers involved. How about an “exchange” of bloggers between Malaysia and Indonesia as a run-up to Pesta Bllogger? It has the potential of exponentially increasing cross-strait understanding. Am sure that if you ask one of the large Malaysian companies doing business in Indonesia will be glad to sponsor…


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