PR, the mysterious profession in Indonesia

This an interesting article about the PR industry in Indonesia in Bisnis Indonesia today.. The story is largely right on track in that even the players see very little of the whole picture where the PR industry here is concerned beause each firm keeps to its own and the industry does not have a common forum to meet.


There are a couple of “professional” associations but few of the PR firms, especially the larger ones, take them seriously. They have a PR problem in that they are perceived to be faction-ridden and dominated by people more interested in the perks than lifting the bar for the profession. So they get very little support and even less participation.

But it is not entirely the fault of these associations. The PR Industry here is very difficult to get together. Maverick (that was mentioned in the article as one of the top PR companies in Indonesia – woo hoo – although we’re not foreign) has been trying to get the PR industry together in Facebook and other social media  for a DIY PR Industry improvement initiative but the results have been modest.

Does anyone out there have any good suggestion on how best to bring the PR Industry together to collectively lift the professional bar?

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