Model Nation #18: Negotiator tells all about Manohara’s escape

Unspun supposes that one day Rob and I would one day combine our efforts and serialize the Manohara affair.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest installment of Manohara soapsuds, as written by Zainal Epi, a one-time colleague of Unspun‘s decades ago, thanks to reader Sylvia‘s tip off.

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MANOHARA: THE FULL STORY behind her ESCAPE as told by NEGOTIATOR brought in to help

Datuk Kadar Shah Sulaiman Ninam Shah, Muar Umno branch chief, relates his role in the matter “to avert tensions”
Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 07:18:00

MANOHARA Odelia Pinot, the  17-year-old model of Indonesia- American descent, made international headlines on June 1 with her dramatic escape in Singapore from her Kelantan-prince husband back to Jakarta.
This is a first-hand account , as told MAlay Mail’s ZAINAL EPI, by  the Malaysian who made it possible, Datuk Kadar Shah Sulaiman Ninam Shah, Muar Umno branch chief, who is known to both parties. The Singapore Foreign Ministry and American  Embassy were involved as well.


I was called by the Palace to help solve the Manohara issue as newspapers and television in Indonesia were crying mad. I told them I would help to avoid tension and save the Palace and the State of Kelantan from being tarnished.

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