Model Nation #19: Roy the Boy shows Mano’s “torture” photos

This keeps getting to be more like a circus each day.
Roy Suryo, the telematics expert who’s also an expert in just about anything involving lots of publicity for himself, has provided with photos allegedly showing the scars that Manohara Odelia Pinot obtained from her prince.
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Foto bergambar lebam di tangan Mano yang diambil pada 10 Maret 2009 pukul 22.01 WIB.
Rabu 10/06/2009 15:27 WIB

Foto News

Foto Penyiksaan Manohara
Fotografer – Novi Christiastuti Adiputri

Pakar telematika Roy Suryo menunjukan foto bukti penyiksaan terhadap Manohara di Hotel Santika, Jalan KS Tubun, Jakarta, Rabu (10/6/2009). Roy mengatakan foto-foto sayatan di tubuh Mano itu asli.

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5 thoughts on “Model Nation #19: Roy the Boy shows Mano’s “torture” photos

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  1. wonder how manohara has been allowed to exploit her issue ‘politically’ without serious interest in seeking justice?. Won’t there any wise people that can effectively advise or put a break to her over limit actions?. She should be pressured to take legal recourse immediately and stop exploiting the issue at the expense of relationship betw the 2 countries


  2. Mano MY SWEETHEAT…are u still remember when we first have sex together.U said u luv me dear…Forever and ever.But, now u try to vanished our dream that we done together – full of passionate,we have sex for the whole nite…u re so sexy to me dear…dont ever said that i rape u ..dear!Our honeymoon in Phuket Thailand …tell a million words how wonderfull we’re…u’re in purple pyjama..beside the sea under the sky and moon…the sea breeze blows the song of luv..u surrender everything 2 me…i embrace u for the whole night…i give everythin 2 u…we sails to the lagoon in blue moon…diving in the bed of luv…but now yur Daisy mum grab everythin from me…she’s so cruel…Mano..if u still remember I’m not a rapist. Ive done as yur’s your mum who try to separate us…Ohhhh my God..pls give back my luv..!I’m lonely now I need u dearrrrrrr!!!Mama Daisy JANGAN BUNUH CINTA KAMI!!!I’m not inject u but I want the baby of our luv…Understand me dearr!!

    Sleep with luvin Kisssssssssss by…TT


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