Indonesia Today is back

Indonesia Today, the blog on business in Indonesia by Yosef Ardi, was one of the most talked about sites by businesspeople a couple of years ago.It had much of the information that the business community wanted in English. It was free and it was constantly updated with timely information.

Indonesia Today

Then Yosef took the site private, of to be more precise, he stopped the blog and opened a subscription-only website. The result was that the “brands”  Indonesia Today and Yosef Ardi began slipping from the public mind. Unspun always thought that the move was a marketing miscalculation and Yosef should have continued to provide the blogged information free while selling a more premium package of analysis and in-depth reports to subscribers.

That way he would have maintained the brand equity and his profile as an authority on business matters more.

No matter. Today Unspun and others received an e-mail mesage from Yosef that said:

Indonesia Today has its modified sister publication, a free site, at, which basically publish news and comments, pretty much similar with the initial blog.
Meanwhile is mainly focused on analysis & research.
Thanks for visiting.
Yosef Ardi

Unspun asked Yosef why the change in mind and he said he missed his first duty as a journalist. He would still be maintaining though, which is a subscription site.

Yosef also said he is working on ensuring that Indonesia Today will have RSS soon.

Welcome back Yosef. This town certainly needs more information about its business community floating around.

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