Personal Branding? Puhleze!

The same sentiments as expressed by Nathan Burke in the clib below has been percolating on Unspun’s mind, but he’s not got around to blogging about it.

Like Nathan, Unspun cringes and badly feel the urge to unspin the people who make a virtue of personal branding. It’s all about your personality, your reputation and yourself not some marketable commodity you can manufacture and get away with it.

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The Term Personal Brand Makes Me Want To Kick Myself In The Face.

I’m sorry. It does.

While looking through my RSS reader today I saw two articles back-to-back talking about developing a “personal brand”. I can’t explain how angry that phrase makes me. A short list of reasons why I loathe “personal branding”

  • It strips away our humanity and turns us into a fictional concept
  • It describes something so inherently self-important and egotistical that borders on delusional
  • I want to be a brand about as much as I want to be a building
  • It’s a stupid buzzword created to make something obvious seem more complicated and real

Do we really need to come up with a new buzzwordish term for everything we do as human beings?

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