What do Indonesian journalists think about Malaysia?

Find out in this posting at Maverick Network and listen too when UKM’s Pfro. Ahmat Adam has to say about the deterioration of the Indonesian language.

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3 thoughts on “What do Indonesian journalists think about Malaysia?

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  1. Benar orang Indonesia lebih memilih bahasa Jakarta campur ingris yang dirubah-rubah sendiri sampai orang Ingris sendiri tidak mengenal kata-kata mereka lagi. *lol*

    Tapi apakah orang Malaysia bahasa Malaysianya sudah bagus sekali? Sepertinya mereka tambah parah lagi bahasa mereka juga jadi aneh satu kata melayu 3 kata ingrisnya yang mayoritas….ehmm maaf maksud saya “kebanyakan” dirubah dan tambah aneh; I dan you pegi ke selebriti *lol*


  2. OHC,

    My, my. I was just talking about this the other day with some Indonesia colleagues. How timely of you to bring this up. We concur thoroughly with Prof. Ahmat, of course, but our hairs are greying. These days the younger generation on both sides of the pond couldn’t give two hoots as “bahasa gaul” is giving way, aided and abetted by irresponsible broadcasters and celebs.

    I thought Indo “SMS speak” was bad. Just check out id facebook to see what I mean. Oh, I need to “gaul” myself to keep up I suppose. 🙂


  3. I actually wanted to say that I agree with him. However, he should be fair because in my opinion, the situation in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) is in no way different from Jakarta. They speak their own language awfully. I was shocked after spending a lot of time with learning Malay and Indonesian. I wanted to use my knowledge as I had the opportunity to visit both cities. But they looked at me as if I came from another planet when I started to speak. They only laughed at me or didn’t answer at all. They told me I sounded too formal and uncool and I should rather learn Bahasa Gaul. But I refused, because Bahasa Gaul is neither Indonesian nor Malay. Bahasa Gaul has no structure and its words are changing within one day. The professor is right, you should resprect your own language and you should learn it from childhood. A nation which doesn’t respect its own language also loses its identity. The usage of abbreviation was too much for me. In the beginning, I didn’t know that Indo or Indon should designate ‘Indonesia’. Such abbreviations indicate they don’t respect themselves nor others. If you respect others, you respect yourself, too. Moreover, there are no other countries apart from Malaysia and Indonesia which accept their names to be abbreviated. They seem to know that this is a kind of insult and it sounds dismissive.


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