Model Nation #22: Hubby says Monohara’s mum an evil mother

And the soap suds keep building up. The Malay Mail is going to town digging the dirt on Manohara’s mum and boy is there dirt there.
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“My ex-wife’s an evil mother” says Manohara’s dad

First hubby speaks out against Daisy’s hold on Manohara
Monday, July 6th, 2009 07:42:00

PRINCESS Manohara Odelia’s father, George Manz, has described his ex-wife Daisy Fajarina “as an evil mother” who dabbles in black magic.
Speaking to Malay Mail from Canada, Manz, 58, said that Daisy, 44, took Manohara away from him when she was aged two, 15 years ago.

Asked to back his claims of Daisy dabbling in black magic, he said: “Once when we were together, I took Daisy to a dentist who was shocked when he saw her X-ray. She had small gold needles and diamond stones embedded inside her chin.”

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2 thoughts on “Model Nation #22: Hubby says Monohara’s mum an evil mother

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  1. daisy fajarina …..not a good mother
    manohara……not a good woman
    tengku…..not a good man
    indonesia….is good but not so good
    malaysia boleh….boleh yang tak boleh
    gitu aja kok repot


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