Pesta Blogger to be officially launched tomorrow

There will be a Press Conference tomorrow at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to announce details about this year’s Pesta Blogger.

Present would be Kominfo Minister Muhammed Nuh (who may be represented by DG Chayana if he’s called to a Cabinet meeting), US Ambassador Cameron Hume and members of the Pester Blogger 2009 Committee.

Lots of goodies are in store for bloggers this year with the xpected announcement of a Blogshop that would be held in eight Indonesian cities. As in last year, the US Embassy is coming in as a major supporter and sponsor for Pesta Blogger 2009. Apart from the US Embassy, a major software company, an automobile company may also be named as sponsors, while a regional airline would be donating some tickets that may have destinations like London, Beijing and an ASEAN destination city of the bloggers’ choice.

Those who can’t attend the Press Conference should try to spot the specially designed batik shirts in the photos in the newspapers and online sites after the Press Conference. We think they wre wayyy cool. In the meantime, Ndoro Kakung has also shared a suggested a mascot for Pesta Blogger 2009. Romor has it that the mascot is the love child between Ndoro Kakung and a certain shapely woman who works in IT…

So far the readers in seem to like it. What do you think?Maskot PB2009 Sumbangan Mas Gembol

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