Pesta Blogger 2009 “launched”

About more than 70 journalists were at the Pesta Blogger 2009 Press Conference today. Presiding at the press conference was Pesta Blogger 2009 Chairman Iman Brotoseno, US Ambassador Cameron Hume and DG for Applied Telematics Cahayana, who was spotting for Communications Minister Muhammad Nuh who was called away to a Cabinet meeting.

Iman told the media that in the past there had been requests to “spread” Pesta Blogges beyond Jakarta. As a result this year’s Pesta Blogger will be conducting blogshops as well as mini-Pesta Bloggers in 10 cities.

Hume, who together with Iman spotted specially designed batik shirts with the Pesta Blogger 2009 motifs,  said the US Embasy was sponsoring Pesta Blogger for the second successive year because technology is fun, the activity supports freedom of expression and it augurs well for the future of Indonesia. He also said that since last year he had tried his hand at blogging and his embassy had opened a Facebook Page to get to know what Indonesians want more.

The entire event was live streamed at

Former chairmen of Pesta Blogger 2007 and 2008, Enda Nasution and Ndoro Kakung were also at attendance, as well as other members of the blogging community. Here are some photos from the event. A more comprehensive list of photos can be seen here.

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