I thaw 10,000 fathes in a thea of red and white

A few days ago Unspun, and Anita Mackay in our respective blogs, asked what next after #indonesiaunite, at that stage a Twitter movement comprising of Indonesian Twitterers changing their avatars to red and white themes and using the hashtag #indonesiaunite.

Today, a group calling themselves The Twibbon Team responded with a website with this visual below as centerpiece that works well with Silverlight.

The idea apparently came from Stormideas that is based in Edinburgh (Unspun doesn’t know what the connection is here) and it’s very visually arresting. Whether this will inspire other ideas with even more tangible effects remain to be seen but initiatives like this, the initial spurt of #indonesiaunite on Twitter resulting it it at one time being the top trending topic and the Prita Mulyasari case leads Unspun to be more convinced than ever that 2009 is a watershed year for social media in Indonesia.

What we see is a flourishing of creativity and a sense of empowerment as the younger generation in Indonesia find a common voice through the tools of the New Media. Where it will lead, what all this will change, will be something fascinating to watch.

10,000 Supporters for IndonesiaUnite cause – A Twibbon Twibute

On Friday 17th July 2009, terrorists, presumed by authorities to be suicide bombers, launched co-ordinated attacks on two up-market hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. Nine fatalities were confirmed, whilst at least fifty more people were reported injured in the atrocity.

As a worldwide audience gradually learned of these events over the subsequent hours, many began to form part of an extraordinary online movement, which has grown exponentially since in a moving and powerful display of solidarity. By Sunday 19th July, just two days later, the IndonesiaUnite Twibbon cause has already brought together 10,000 supporters on Twitter from across the globe. Tweeple used the Twibbon service to overlay a small icon depicting the Indonesian flag on the corner of profile avatars. #IndonesiaUnite supporters have ensured that their cause has remained the number one Twitter trend, eclipsing other popular online topics such as Michael Jackson and the Iran Election.

To celebrate this awesome demonstration of the power of social networking communities to unify in protest on a matter of such international significance, Twibbon have created a massive DeepZoom mosaic twibute to those individuals who have affiliated themselves visually with this important and inspiring cause.

The movement is still flourishing, and you can help spread awareness across the world. Join at http://twibbon.com/join/IndonesiaUnite and follow @Twibbon at http://twitter.com/twibbon.

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3 replies to “I thaw 10,000 fathes in a thea of red and white

  1. pak unspun, i just join anti sinetron cause in facebook, and i have invite all my friends to join. anti sinetron already has 5.475 supporter. may be with your wisdom and support pak unspun, this movement will be bigger and we able to fight back those people who only think about making a lot money while neglecting the negative influence of it (memperbodoh masyarakat indonesia)
    give support for anti sinetron (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=72961340335&ref=nf )

    and please try google anti sinetron, you will find out that many indonesian sick and tired of stupid sinetron.

    cintai indonesia


  2. This #indonesiaunite thing really disturbs me on many levels. While it is good to have a sense of unity and, as you say, some form of empowerment, it seems oddly misguided and, I dare say, even racist.

    Imagine an Arabic-style tea house in Melbourne, for example, getting bombed by blue-eyed local guys and killing several important expats from the Arab community. Then imagine all the blue-eyed locals of Australia rallying around rejoicing and creating websites, which are seemingly cheering on these bombers who killed the expat Arabs.

    That’s exactly what’s going on. Local Muslim Javanese fanatics blew up a Western hotel killing Western businessmen and now the Local Muslim Javanese are celebrating and coming together with pride and passion as if they’ve just won the World Cup.

    Am I not seeing something?


  3. sherri said:
    That’s exactly what’s going on. Local Muslim Javanese fanatics blew up a Western hotel killing Western businessmen and now the Local Muslim Javanese are celebrating and coming together with pride and passion as if they’ve just won the World Cup.

    Am I not seeing something?
    wow, sherri…is that what you think?
    peace be upon you sister (ghhrrr..ghhrrrr…)

    let me guess, you live in australia, not muslim and you are not javanese.therefore you have no idea how its feel for indonesian (especially javanese muslim) toward this tragedy.

    we are angry and sad sister
    the world has hear one voice from indonesia (the voice of terrorist/violence/not nice one)
    and thousand others indonesian try to tell the world that we are against them, we are peace lover
    thats all we do sister

    if i can grab those terrorist easily, i will “gigit” him until he cry “mama…mama…” but all i can do for now is just join my javanese muslim brother (indonesiaunite) and try to confince the worlds that we are peace lover

    now, try to imagine that you are indonesian-javanese-muslim
    give us some advice and show us better way to make our voice (indonesian peace lover) to be heard by the world as fast as terrorist bomb and twitter



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