Why doesn’t Malaysian terrorist Noordin M . Top bomb KL?

These and other interesting questions are being raised in Politikana.com about Malaysian terrorist noordin M. Top and the Malaysian government in the aftermath of the jakarta bmobings.

Among other questions being raised in this article are:

1. How can Malaysian Foreign Minister play down the possibility that Noordin M. Top’s probable involvement in the Jakarta bombings?
2. Why doesn’t Noordin bomb Genting Highlands, surely a symbol of gambling and things haram?
3. How is it that Malaysia can be safer, given that its hotels do not have the type of security measure that Indonesia has?
4. Why doesn’t the Malaysian government not produce a relative of Noordin to beseech him to stop his terrorizing of Malaysia?

Unspun thinks that some of the questions have merit while others are quite of the mark, but they provide interesting insights of opinions that shape the perception of Malaysia among indonesians, nonetheless.

Kenapa Noordin M.Top Tidak MEMBOM Kuala Lumpur? 5

2 jam yang lalu

Kemarin diskusi ditanya kenapa Noordin M. Top tidak pernah membom Kuala Lumpur? Tentu saja, aku tidak tahu jawabannya, tetapi yang menarik, pertanyaan semacam itu sudah memenuhi benak banyak orang di Indonesia. Apakah dia takut bom itu terkena bapak dan ibunya, atau terkena sanak keluarga dekatnya, atau tetangganya? Kalau soal “maksiat” bukankah ada tempat “maksiat” yang benar-benar nyata yaitu lokalisasi perjudian di Genting Highland yang nampak megah ketika malam dari Kuala Lumpur, apakah itu tempat perjudian yang “halal” untuk Noordin M.Top?

Aku cuma bisa cerita beberapa kali ke Twin Tower Kuala Lumpur, juga ke hotel-hotel di Kualalumpur, tak pernah ransel dan tasku diperiksa, sangat dan teramat longgar. Terakhir menjelang Pemilu Legislatif 9 April 2009, aku diundang TV Al Jazeera, menginap di Nikko Hotel Kualalumpur, lalu rekaman di lantai 60an Twin Tower Kualalumpur, juga tak ada sedikitpun tas dan ranselku dibuka dan diperiksa pihak keamanan Nikko Hotel maupun Twin Tower. Kalau melihat CCTV JW Marriot dan Ritz Calrton pas pelaku peledakan chek-in sungguh sangat luarbiasa berlapisnya, ada sekuriti dengan “pentung pengaman” (entah apa namanya?) juga ada pintu sekuriti, serta ada penggeledahan. Artinya, Twin Tower dan Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpur adalah soft-target dan high-profile untuk teroris sekelas Noordin M. Top, bukan?

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27 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Malaysian terrorist Noordin M . Top bomb KL?

Add yours

  1. Another reasonable conspiracy theory from Pak Ong …Hehehehe

    Refer to my observations when visited Malaysia, the Malaysian gov’t who is controlled by UMNO/BN fear that the virus of Reformasi will infect their country. That’s why somehow Malaysia always nurtured “bad image” on Indonesian reformation, freedom and democracy, and highlighted bad aspects of Indonesia such as poverty, corruption, etc to their people through their mainstream media like Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, Metro etc..

    So, don’t be surprise if the perception of “brainwashed” Malaysians to Indonesia are very very bad …


  2. uhm… because Indonesia is an ally of the US, while Malaysia is not?
    because Noordin thinks “Islam” in Malaysia is not as corrupted as “Islam” in Indonesia, which apparently many Indonesian clerics think so, too.
    because Genting Highlands and everything concerning it are not a threat to Islam, Muslims aren’t even allowed in there (I guess Noordin still values racial-unity somewhat?)
    because the Nikko Hotel is a Japanese institution, while the Petronas Twin Tower is a Malaysian institution, as opposed to the Ritz and Marriot being seen as American institutions and symbols? which everyone knows every single Muslim terrorist abhors! (The new Hard Rock Hotel in Penang better step up security, though).
    I’m not saying anyone anywhere deserves to be bombed, but there is no reason to imply that Noordin and the Malaysian govt are in cahoots. The Malaysian govt are very tough with terrorists and extremists, actually. Go search for “Memali Massacre” and “Al-Maunah”. Also, they just captured Mas Selamat Kasturi of Jemaah Islamiah, who somehow escaped a Singapore lockup last year. Maybe they’ll catch Noordin next year? Question is, why doesn’t Noordin bomb Singapore, who is a bigger US ally? (because, ultimately, though they use the name of Islam, I think all these Muslim terrorists are not fighting for Islam, but rather for world power).


  3. 1. Duty of any minister is to protect their conutry first. When dealing with two country, use diplomacy. You cannot simply say “we believe/think Noordin M Top involve”. Say “We have evidence he Noordin involve.”

    2. Because nobody support Noordin or any terrorist here. We have no tolerate with terrorist. Understand !!!

    3. Because we just safer. Just like how can be Singapoire is safer than indonesia.

    4. How do you know we did nothing. Nordin is in Indonesia. Correct question should be “How Noordin manage to escape to Indonesia and you d nothing to catch him.”


  4. Why do Indonesians just love bashing Malaysians and love Singaporeans to death?

    What have we done so wrong to you? If you really didn’t like us so much, why come here to study, work and play? And also rob, steal and kill (not all but some rejects from Indonesian). If they actually bombed Genting or KLCC, I would think more Indonesian will be affected than in Jakarta, have you seen KL, it’s quite crowded with Indonesian tourist.

    Aren’t our cultures intertwined? Or does familiarity breeds contempt?

    Bombing anywhere is and should be against all our principles, whether it is in Jakarta, KL, Singapore, Iraq or Afghanistan and whether it is by terrorists, American forces or conspirators. If they do, may their souls burn in hell and not be thought as heroes or be rewarded in the after life.

    So stop bashing us and lets work to making this world a safer and peaceful place.


  5. Comment deleted by Unspun. @Riko: if you want to post this blog you are allowed to disagree, argue and make your feelings known. But threatening other people or other counties with violence is uncouth and incredibly unskilled. I’ve therefore deleted all your comments.


    1. I think, who ever that has erased my comment is a low mind person, don’t take me wrong, it was not a threat , but the other hand, it was a big message , it had meaning that we have to be cooperated to fight terrorism for safer world, the cooperation means finding him, giving him for a judgment . that all the point, because violation face by violation. terrorism fight by terror , where is the human right , no human right at all if violations, boom keep running in this lovely country, so let us move it to yours for equality , finally it will be end by it self,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. because we have the same tears,,,,,,


  6. Ah ngao
    Why do Indonesians just love bashing Malaysians and love Singaporeans to death?

    friend, indonesians doesn’t love malaysian or singaporean to death.

    as you said “Bombing anywhere is and should be against all our principles, whether it is in Jakarta, KL, Singapore, Iraq or Afghanistan and whether it is by terrorists, American forces or conspirators”

    the question is Why doesn’t Malaysian terrorist Noordin M . Top bomb KL? it doesn’t mean that we expect him to bomb KL, but if he can bomb jakarta its mean he can bomb KL also if he has a will, but at the end he decide to bomb jakarta,why?

    i am agree with Rob


  7. SEBENARNYA YANG NGAJAK-NGAJAK TERORIS ITU MASUK KE INDONESIA DAN NGEBOMI DISINI ITU YA ORANG INDONESIA SENDIRI ( yang ndak enthos, nyuruhi bangsa lain ngrusak negeri sendiri / orang Indonesia yang telah hilang keIndonesiaannya ).

    Hey guys disagree, argue all you want but please stop short of threatening or wishing violence on each other, OK? Unspun


  8. The only logical explanation is Noordin M. Top is Malaysian govt’s accomplice. This is to give false image to the Malaysian people that democracy like that enjoyed by Indonesians is not as good as it looks. When Noordin has successfully executing his terror somewhere in this country he will hide in his own country and of course the Malaysian govt harbours him. That’s why Indonesian police will not manage to capture him!


  9. well,, its simple. bcz he’s malaysian.. duhh.. about the reasons of anti US, jihad, etc.. those are just their (his and his malaysian supporters) excuses to cover their hate and sentiment to indonesia, then also the cowardness to do the bombing by themself AND worry about their family will get attacked if he does it in his own country. well.. its smart but jerky attitude rite there. its like taking sumone elses lives for ur needs.


    1. Correct. Why Indonesia if he has his life to sacrifice for his jihad. Come to where the enemy is. Come to America. Indonesia has done nothing wrong to him that he makes it his battle field.


  10. The best way to stop terrorism, is to fight with their own religion. I suggest they are sentenced death by being transfused with pig’s blood. As for the death ones, dissolve their body and mixed them with pig’s food.

    That would put fear on them. According to them, they will be refused to enter the heaven. This will also symbolize moslem’s rejection of terrorist’s claim of faith.It’s kind like saying, you are NOT moslem, and you are tainting islam religion.


    1. love the way you think. i was thinking along the line of sodomize them. but killing them with pig’s blood may be more gore. look, it might be unnecessary to go this far, but we have to make it clear, that terrorism is NOT part of Islam.


  11. karena noordin di malaysia dianggap orang bodoh,siapa yang mau mati karena suatu kepercayaan. Kalau di indonesia semua dijejalin dengan keagamaan,dimana ustadz laku di tv. Ustadz/ah dengan istilah membantu orang miskin/menyembuhkan penyakit,tapi mainannya pistol,motor gedhe,kawin terus,money minded by believe and religion…akhirnya ya noordin mati di wc,semua yang kuasa tau. Orang tahi matinya ya ditempat buang tahi


  12. sedih juga ya liat indonesia kita ini sekarang …udah ekonomi gonjang ganjing , tatanan agama morat marit,keamanan up and down, di tambah lagi situasi mencekam saat ini ….kandang saya bertanya lapisan mana lagi di negara kita ini yang belum dihancurkan…nanti kalo indonesia udah diobrak abrik ma Noordin M Top kita rakyat Indonesia pindah aj semua ke malaysia biar malaysia juga di obrak abrik juga…Ngomong2 Kenapa Kepolisian Menemukan keraguan tentang jasad Noordin Fucked M Top????


  13. Noordin tewas mungkin sudah waktunya.,sudah terlalu lama negri ini dirindungi ketakut-takutan,semoga tdk ada lg noordin2 lain,.sadarlah semua and yg berjihad dgn bom bunuh diri,bahwa jihad tidak harus bunuh diri,.,bunuh diri hanyalah pengecut yang tdk berani menjalani jihad yg sebenarnya,.,Membangun keluarga sendiri,mencari ilmu karena Alloh adalah juga jihad,.,jgn meng-atasnamakan agama Islam untuk berbuat kerusakan dimuka bumi,,Islam lahir sebagai Rohmatan Lil Alamin yakni rahmat bagi seluruh alam,jangnkan manusia sebagai kholifah dimuka bumi ini yang dapat merasakan ketentraman akan Islam,Binatang dan tumbuhan sekalipun harus ikut merasakan ketentraman didunia ini karena Islam..bukankah Rosululloh mengajarkan untuk mencintai sesama manusia walaupun mereka kafir,karena mereka mungkin belum mendapatkan hidayah..untuk para pengikut Noordin sebaiknya anda Taubat memohon ampun kepada Alloh SWT,karena yang anda lakukan tidaklah jauh berbeda dengan suatu aliran sesat mencoreng-coreng dan melemparkan Islam kedalam cemoohan agama lain,.anda semua telah membawa nama Islam kedalam keterpurukan dan keterbelakangan,.bukankah Rosululloh SAW berjuang susah payah untuk membawa nama Islam sebagai ajaran yang baik dan benar,membawa jaman dari jahiliyah kedalam kedamaian,.untuk noordin m top,.,bila anda telah wafat semoga Alloh SWT mengampuni dosa2 anda dan menerima amal2an anda,.dan bila masih hidup dimnapun anda berada segeralah bertaubat,karena bagi Alloh bila murka terhadap mahluknya,tidak perlu bantuan tangan anda untuk menghakimi manusia menurut anda,Anda hanyalah orang yang tertipu oleh hasutan IBliS,dan ingatlah bahwa Iblis selalu mencintai perbuatan dosa,.dan ingat pula jika engkau maih d an diberi uurpanjng pergunakanlah untuk bertaubat sebelum and menjadi orang yang merugi..

    ,….(dari orang Bodoh yang mencintai Islam sebagai Rohmatan Lil Alamin)…….


  14. aku ingin comment disini tentang terorist..aku rasa terorist itu seorang yang bodoh dan tak berpendidikan dan kemiskinan hidup dan sedikit ilmu itulah terorist.mereka menerima dirinya untuk mati dengan melakukan bom bunuh diri adalah suatu kebodohan dan tak diterima dengan akal sehat, mungkin saja dengan di iming imingi janji surga dan mati syahid mereka sudi melakukan mati demi agama tapi, agama manakah itu yang sesungguhnya? ISLAM tidak mengajarkan menyakiti sesama bahkan nabi muhammad saw berkata AGAMA MU ADALAH AGAMA MU AGAMA KU ADALAH AGAMAKU salah bila terorist mencoreng nama ISLAM yang sesungguh nya islam tidak seperti itu.memang dulu aku waktu sekolah di SD SMP SMA guru agama islam ku mengajarkan untuk tidak menyapa orang non muslim karena kafir katanya atau mengucapkan selamat hari natal ke pada non muslim saat itu aku berpikir sungguh terlalu apa yang di ajarkan guru guru di sekolah itu dari situlah aku mulai berpikir apa agama yang di anut orang tuaku itu? apa sesungguhnya untuk menyakiti sesama manusia ? menghina sesama manusia? kakek ku seorang keturunan arab dan dia sangat tawakal beribadah dan dia seorang guru besar mengajarkan ngaji tapi, dia tidak pernah menjelekan agama lain, di pagi hari dia bangun sholat subuh mengaji dan wirid dengan tasbih menyebut ashma allah swt itulah kenangan aku dengan kakekku dan kakekku menikahi nenekku yang keturunan china sungguh jalinan kehormatan yang terjalin tanpa saling menyakiti sesama manusia..kok bisa kakekku hidup berdampingan? makanya aku aneh dengan ajaran islam disekolah dan di pengajian dengan islam kakekku yang notabene jelas jelas dari arab dia berasal.patut dipertanyakan islam terorist itu?
    sedang aku adalah seorang kristen yang menganut agama kristen dan keluarga ku tidak pernah menyakiti aku bahkan menghormati keputuan aku menjadi seorang kristen.aku baca bait bait alkitab sangat menyejukan hatiku dan berlaku untuk tidak menyakiti sesama di kristen bila musuh menampar pipi kirimu berikanlah pipi kananmu, bila kamu mengampuni musuh mu kelak tuhan akan mengampunimu pula makanya banyak orang kristen yang di bunuh keluarganya tapi, di pengadilan mereka memaafkan si pembunuh…sungguh hati yang mulia yang telah di lakukan seorang kristen tanpa memberitahukan orang kenapa dia mengampuni orang yang telah membunuh keluarganya ya karena TUHAN mungkin hanya orang yang percaya kepada tuhan yang tau dan feeling dia memaafkan si pembunuh dia melakukan itu, memaafkan nya karena dia ingin bila tuhan pun memaafkannya.amien…itulah kata kata ku, maafkan bila ada yang tersinggung.aku bukan melakukan pembenaran tentang agama tapi, intropeksi ulang tentang semua kejadian yang telah terjadi di negeri tercinta indonesia.aku berdoa ya bapak di surga semoga terorist itu di beri pengampunan dan di beri kepintaran mengenal suatu agama dan bukan dari kebodohan dan kemiskinan hingga mereka mau melakukan kebodohan membunuh sesama manusia.damaikanlah hati orang indonesia…peace


  15. Hmm…maybe when they(noordin and friends) listed the places they wanted to bomb…Bali topped Genting, but when it happened..the security measures been raised so there’s no way he’s leaving Indonesia…

    or maybe because Indonesia is bigger, and so he could go to other places to hide?

    well, IMAO


  16. malaysia ngentot lu.apa urusan lo mau ngatur indonesia,jangan bawa ajaran islam lo yang goblok itu masuk ke indonesia,kami bangsa indonesia bersama TNI siap mengahadapi anjing anjing malaysia,sudah terbukti dari dulu darul islam tidak bisa di terap kan di indonesia,dasar negara kami pancasila,sudah terbukti pancasila sakti……


  17. pancasila sedang di uji…..tapi sekali lagi akan berhasil,dulu taun 65 pancasila sakti,sekarang akan mengulangi kesaktiannya,sejarah sedang terulang,bahwa yang benar akan menang dan si jahat setan terorist akan musnah,biarlah mungkin memang islam radikal sedang akan menemui ajalnya ,makanya ini adalah kekuatan terakhirnya ,setelah itu hancur berkeping2 ,seatu itu kalo mau di hancurkan memang seperti terbiarkan untuk berkoar koar ,namun setelah itu mampus,seperti ajaran PKI ,begitu sombong ,kuat mereka merasa ,namun siapa sangka dalam sekejap hancur lebur,berekeping keping …..dan menjadi partai haram,hal yang sama akan terjadi dengan ajaran noordin dan kawan kawan,dan ide gobloknya ttg negara islam ,…..go fuck your self noordin,…go fuck your own mother 4 times a day and then you die asshole!!!!!!


  18. Why Nordin Md Top not bomb KL ? Interesting question for discussion.
    Indonesia accused Malaysia of financing & supporting Terrorist Nordin Md Top. But Malaysia denied.
    Indonesian Islamists like Abu Bakar Bashyr & Company spent some years in Malaysia during Suharto’s rule. Apparently they were not bombing but indoctrinating and recruiting
    Rob comment sounds inviting.
    If USA has absolute evidence who is financing & supporting the top terrorist like Nordin Md Top, USA will take serious action with unsettling consequences. Don’t under-estimate US resolve.

    I believe some secrets will be buried with Nordin & Azahari.
    But there are some interesting leading points worth thinking about.
    The true story may eventually unfold


  19. its all Malaysia’s conspiracy to Indonesia, Malaysian will benefit if Indonesia did get bombed in things like investment and tourism (ritz carlton is too obvious) … There are also numerous terrorist from Malaysia in Thailand and Philippines, why do some people think Islam in Indonesia is corrupt? well we are living like Turkey,democratic, there’s always good religious people and bad religious people and so the liberals….. we are all just human, don’t judge people, judge yourself!


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