Model Nation #23: The Prince’s own soap suds

Not content to sit by while Manohara working up the suds about their stormy and torrid marriage in her soap opera, the Kelantan Prince is working up his own suds in a movie of his own.
Oh no! Hes got a soapy movie too?
Oh no! He's got a soapy movie too?

Unspun thinks that Rob and I, soap junnkies that we are, should be invited to judge the Soap Shoot Out special screenings of the Prince’s and Manohara’s celluloids. Rob?

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Malaysian Prince to Do Movie of Manohara Story

Manohara Odelia Pinot’s estranged Malaysian prince-husband, Tengku Fakhry, said he was ready to air his own version of their love story.
Unlike Manohara’s soap opera on local television, Fakhry will tell his side of the story in a movie, news portal reported on Thursday.
“Kisah Prahara Cinta Pangeran,” or “The Stormy Love Story of the Prince,” will be filmed in Malaysia by director Kardi Syaid. It will reportedly offer a different version of the love affair, one that claims the marriage ended with a falling-out because of a person outside the relationship.
Kardi was quoted as saying he felt the public should know the truth. “There is an imbalance of information surrounding this case circulated in the public and the media,” he said.
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