Let the Blogshops begin

The first of the Pesta Blogger 2009 Blogshops (think blogging + workshop) starts tomorrow in Malang. The blogshops will introduce blogging to wannabe bloggers in 10 cities and Malang is the first stop.

At each city, about 40 aspiring bloggers, will be taught how to start a blog, how to write to attract readers and other fundamentals. The paticipants will then have a discussion with experienced bloggers and the day will end with a gathering of the local blogging community. In Malang’s case it will be with the members of Ngalam, who have been assisting the Pesta Blogger 2009 committee to stage tomorrow’s Blogshop and “mini” Pesta Blogger. The bloggers who are traveling from Jakarta to help with the blogshops are PB09 chairman Iman Brotoseno, Chika Nadya, Fanny Maniez, Nona Dita, and Hanny Kusumawati. For more information about the Malang Blogshop, contact Sandy Nata.

After tomorrow, Blogshops will be held at nine other cities – Semarang (4 August, but these and other dates are subject to change, go to pestablogger.com for latest information) , Bandung (12 August), Balikpapan (20 August), Samarinda (21 August), Makassar (27 August), Yogyakarta (7 October) Surabaya, Medan and Palembang (dates have yet to be fixed)- culminating in Pesta Blogger 2009 itself in Jakarta on October 24.

So here’s wishing the Pesta Blogger team in malang success tomorrow.

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