APCO to decamp from Indonesia?

A little bird has tweeted to Unspun that the storied consultancy (see former posts here, here and here) APCO Indonesia may be closing shop, as early as end August. Indonesia is apparently not attractive enough a market and APCO HQ in Washington have decided to retain a presence in India and China.

Unspun wonders what this would do for APCO’s purported deal in Malaysia.

In the meantime, other little birds tell Unspun that Tom Malik has left Burson Marsteller, after about one and a half years from taking over the outfit. No news who’s taking over and where’s he heading to.

3 thoughts on “APCO to decamp from Indonesia?

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  1. Hi,

    apco has also weird combination of senior executives: lack of experience and lack of technical know how, expats with little or no knowledge of indonesia, limited horizons, no contacts in media, ngo and executives. what do you expect? no wonder they are closing down. pity.


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