Would you date this Marshanda girl?

The Indonesian Twittersphere is all a tweet about Marshanda’s You Tube video. The minor celebrity was inspired recently to upload a video where she hams it up and sings to get even with her schoolmates.Unspun is unwise to the ways of the youth but the thoughts that go through his mind when seeing the video is that if Unspun was thirty years younger he (hopefully) would have enough sense not to date this woman.She’s so young, looks so spoilt and seems to have such a big chip on her shoulder. Just imagine what she would do to you on YouTube if she breaks up with you.Dangerous Liaisons II.

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17 thoughts on “Would you date this Marshanda girl?

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  1. Im a teacher whose bahasa is limited admittedly but even though she is obviously rich, I wouldnt say she is spoiled. Precious maybe. That’s youth, as they always have been; now with added technology.

    Are you saying it equivalent to graffiti??



  2. You know, she’s kind of funny dancing and singing (rapping?) around like that. For a second I thought she was doing some comedy there heh heeeeehh… But seriously, guys. Everyone has their bad days. Even celebrity ones. So cut her some slack.. Maybe she has her own reasons for behaving that way..


  3. Would I date that skinny biatch? nope. she ain’t got no junk in the trunk, man..and kinda flat as a pancake too in the bosom department.So no!


  4. i only feel sorry for her..
    she is one of the case too young to get famous..
    lonely and depressed…somehow like michael jackson syndrome..
    hope she could get better..
    i feel for her


  5. Look, people have theirs ups and down..she might be lonely and has nobody to listen to her true feeling inside…she is young and if she express it that way …then it could be a good stress relief…I pray that she will get better….good luck marshanda all the best and may the spiritual forces be with you…


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