Who’s your worst spammer in Indonesia?

Unspun’s vote for the worst spammer, defined as some business that sends out spam mail, constantly and regardless of demographic, consumer preference or any inkling of the market – and do not even give you an option to unsubscribe – is PLaza Indonesia @ Entertainment X’nter.

This mofo sends you just about one HTML spam mail a day, sometimes more and they are irrelevant to me. They do not make me want to purchase the products advertised or entice me to go to Plaza Indonesia. In fact, they have the opposite. I now hate Plaza Indonesia and the clients who allow them to spam me. I hate them so much that I haven’t set foot in Plaza Indonesia for at least the past three months.

Next in line would be Telkomsel that spams you endlessly with SMS. It is inane and I can’t get them to stop it. It gos against the very grain of Web 2.0 marketing, which is about giving the customer control and making your products/services so attractive or useful that people would want to know more about you.

If anyone has the personal e-mail addresses of the Marketing Managers and the CEOs of these two organizations, please post them in the comments section. Unspun would encourage everyone to spam them to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Anyone else with candidates for the Worst Spammers in Indonesia award?

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