Enough already! Won’t someone just sponsor this guy to come to Indonesia?

The pPosting below at Maverick Network is about Anthony Bianco, one of the foreign bloggers invited to Pesta Blogger 2008, being interviewed by Quantas’ inflight programming about his travels in Indonesia and about Pesta Blogger. It is good timing for Pesta Blogger 2009 on October 24 that Anthony hopes to attend.

Anthony, who’s based in Australia, runs a travel blog called The Travel Tart and has a Twitter account @TheTravelTart that has 5,000 followers. He enjoyed his experience visiting Bali, Jogja and Jakarta last year so much that he’s planning to come to Indonesia and willing to spend a month traveling this country to end up in Jakarta for Pesta Blogger on 24 October.

You can’t help thinking what a tourism asset Tony is for Indonesia. Except that the Ministry of Tourism is too engrossed in their own engrossments to take advantage of Anthony blogging and twittering Indonesia. That leaves the way open for a public spirited Australian company operating in Indonesia to sponsor Tony. Just think of the goodwill the company could reap from bloggers and  the government from such an initiative, not to mention getting publicity for their places where they may have their plants.

So any enterprising corporate communications types out there care to bring this opportunity up to the bosses?

Pesta Blogger di Qantas Inflight bersama Anthony Bianco

Ada kabar baru dari Anthony Bianco–salah seorang travel blogger asal Australia yang diundang mengikuti blogging trip dari Bali, Jogja, ke Jakarta pada Pesta Blogger 2008 lalu. Baru-baru ini, Anthony diwawancara oleh Qantas (maskapai penerbangan Australia) Inflight Radio Programming soal Pesta Blogger!

The Travel Tart

Meskipun Bali adalah tujuan wisata yang sangat populer bagi kebanyakan orang Australia, wawancara Qantas dengan Anthony justru berfokus pada daerah tujuan wisata lain di Indonesia. Di sini Anthony menceritakan pengalamannya selama blogging trip tahun lalu di Jogja dan Jakarta, misalnya mengunjungi Candi Prambanan dan Borobudur, juga berkisah soal pemandangan kota di Jakarta. Selain itu, Anthony juga bercerita tentang semakin populernya aktivitas nge-blog di Indonesia, juga tentang banyaknya komunitas blogger yang sering melakukan kopdar. Tak lupa, Anthony juga bertutur soal keramahan masyarakat Indonesi


Wawancara ini akan tayang di segmen ‘Up and Away’ bersama Julie McCrossin mulai tanggal 1-31 Oktober 2009 mendatang.

“The interview is about 10 minutes long and will be available for people to listen to on all Qantas planes; domestic and international, including those going to Indonesia  throughout the entire month of October. The Qantas group flies to Bali and Jakarta. Approximately 2 to 3 million people fly Qantas per month,” kata Anthony.

Travel blog Anthony berjudul The Travel Tart – Offbeat Tales From A Travel Addict dan ia bisa diikuti di Twitter dengan username @TheTravelTart. Saat ini ia punya sekitar 5 ribu followers di Twitter, dan blog-nya mencatat 250,000 hits di bulan Juli, dengan sekitar 7 ribu unique visitors.

Anthony ternyata begitu terkesan dengan Indonesia, dan berencana untuk “berkelana” di Aceh, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, dan Surabaya selama bulan September – Oktober, untuk kemudian kembali bergabung di Pesta Blogger 2009. Semoga rencananya ini terlaksana, ya!

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