The “sial” in Malaysia and Indonesia?

Malingsial vs. Indonsial

5 jam yang lalu

agak tercekat sehabis tarawih melihat betapa manusia kedua negara kembali saling adu sumpah serapah, di bulan ramadhan. padahal keduanya mengaku negara beragama.

saya dapet notifikasi di Fb untuk bergabung dengan group Malingsia, dari namanya jelaslah group tersebut adalah wadah penampung murka. ignore ajah ah..

tiit– “lu klik deh, parah abis!!!”

penasaran (?), saya ikuti anjuran tersebut. dan hasilnya adalah web sumpah serapah yang mengatasnamakan nasionalisme. pemberitaan jelas memihak Indonesia, namun ada juga orang Malaysia iseng yang nanggepin. peranglah sudah!

lebih parahnya lagi ada link ke serangan balik (yang lebih ga jelas) bagi Indonesia. sebentar lagi saya pikir bakal hadir,

fiuh! saya lahir di tanah Indonesia, tapi tak tertarik untuk turut teriak mengganyang malaysia lewat kata-kata kotor. jangan remehkan nasionalisme saya, tapi bukankah perdamaian dunia pun diamanatkan ibu pertiwi? apalagi tetangga sendiri. reaktif, ya. tapi saya ko ga suka orang yang berteriak-teriak bilang orang lain bodoh, tolol, bego, sial. akhirnya seperti menelanjangi diri sendiri.

siapa yang sial? Malingsial atau Indonsial?

yang sial adalah yang terjebak.

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  1. I am Indonesian dengan nasionalisme yang cukup lumayan but I don’t like (hate) to read my fellow countrymen mensumpah serapah saudara serumpunnya di Malaysia walaupun misalnya pengadilan jelas2 memutuskan bahwa Malaysia bersalah.
    because this is against the teaching of Pancasila, Sila ke II : kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab.
    butir ke 4 : tidak semena2 terhadap orang lain. ( terutama sekali bertentangan dengan ajaran agama)

    I am totally agree that we have to defend our right and belonging till the last drop of our blood.
    but we have to do it in correct manner. tetap harus berpegang teguh kepada nilai2 kebenaran dan keadilan,

    Kalau mau koreksi, pemerintah Indonesia juga menanggung salah. Indonesian Government did not do enough to take care of Indonesian assets and interests. blame our government for not doing as good as malaysian government in looking after national assets.

    we lost sipadan and ligitan because Indonesian Government do nothing to those island while malaysia build school etc.

    ask our government what they have done and is it enough.

    Indonesia and Malaysia should work hand in hand for the sake of the peoples. we sit down together, berdiri sama tinggi duduk sama rendah. Indonesia should not see himself as a big brother of Malaysia (wrong mentality to respect others)

    we take what we should have, not more …not less.


    Long live Indonesia…merdeka…merdeka


  2. As an Indonesian…what I hate about Malaysia is the “we have 2 million Indon slaves, therefore we are more superior than you” kind of attitude. This could probably explain why our workers in Malaysia are being abused…both physically and mentally. Do you know that Indonesian maids are not entitled to a weekly leave and access to their own passports? Basically an Indonesian “pembantu” would work 24/7 under constant abuse (and of course they are paid horribly).

    Furthermore, they call us “Indon”. Trust me, I know this stuff. I used to work there (not as “pembantu”), but as an expatriate. Even when I was doing a professional job, people take me for granted, because I’m an Indonesian. And to make things worse, I’m a chinese-Indonesian. You know how malaysian treat chinese people, right?


    1. I just browsing around and accidentally found this blog…just wanted to give my opinions, about the maids stuff i dont think Malaysians is abusing their maid… some might be but the case still minor compared to Indonesian maid who run a away from job just a few month working causing the employer losing their 4-5000 ringgit deposit not to count the maid who run away and also rob their employer valuable at the same time. There also cases of maids that abuse their employer children… so what do you think about that?… bad people is everywhere…either they are Indonesian or Malaysian….About the Indon stuff I admit, most malaysian call Indonesian, Indon…but not as an insult just a slang for malaysian, short form for indonesia…it doesn’t have any hidden meaning compared to indonesian call malaysian a Maling. You comment about Malaysian treat chinese, do Indonesian treat Chinese any better? if yes why chinese in malaysia can speak fluently Chinese, they have chinese school supported by the goverment, why chinese new year is also a Malaysian holiday and they a free to dress, perform or do anything that is Chinese. What i see about indonesian chinese is that they are so integrated until they lost their on identity and many of them cannot speak their on mother tongue. What the malaysian govement is just trying to do is just to give some leverage to the malay so that they are more competitive. lastly, how people wanted to respect someone who doesn’t respect other?, why is it so many illegal Indonesian coming to malaysia?, why is it so many Indonesian taking part in scam or fraud in malaysia?, why it is so many Indonesian coming to malaysia just to become a villain?…robbing…raping..theft…an and so on… every week there must be a news, an Indonesian crooks being shot that becouse they are stupid enough to attack the police with just a “parang”… if you wanted to be respected please be a respectable man first…


  3. I have always considered myself as a nationalist in whatever I do, including blogging. I also based my considerations on logic, and I think the polemic about Indonesia & Malaysia is turning into an illogical travesty and would not benefit Indonesia.
    Due to this fact it would be best if representatives of both parties could sit together and talk whatever they want to say. Perhaps it would be better if it can start informally e.g by bloggers.
    Note: in the past both countries regularly conduct exchanges of activities.


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