Send an Ozzie to the land of the Kiwi?

Remember Anthony Bianco? He’s the Aussie travel blogger that the Pesta Blogger 2008 committee invited along with four other foreign bloggers to attend last year’s Pesta Blogger.

Anthony had lost of fun here, and he’s been plugging Pesta Blogger as the event to be in. He liked it so much that he’s planning to come back to Pesta Blogger this year largely on his own steam and with the help of a regional airline (negotiations are underway so no names for the moment).¬† Since then Anthony has moved on to start his own travel blog The Travel Tart and become a Twitterer with many followers.

Anthony after a few Bintangs
Anthony after a few Bintangs

He’s also been shortlisted for the Entirely Kiwi World Famous Promotion and he needs all the help he can get from bloggers to make sure that he gets into the finals and he’s written to Unspun and others, asking us to spread the word among Indonesian bloggers to help him get there.


All you have to do is go to this site and press the follow button to get him there.

While here Anthony was known to be a fiend in the Karaoke, a fan of street food in Jogja and a supportive patron of Bintangs. looks like this is a good chance to find out whether the Kiwis have anything that an beat what Indonesia has to offer.

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