What’s in a name? Ownership rights

Dear Passengers, pease return to your seats and buckle your seat belts. Further turbulence likely expected in the stormy relations between Indonesia and Malaysia up ahead.

via Staronline

Sabah to name 500 islands in its waters


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah will undertake a comprehensive programme to give names to some 500 islands, some of them inhabitated, within its territorial waters.

Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said the programme will be undertaken by the Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry together with other relevant government departments to ensure that all the islands were a given a name and gazetted.

“We believe that there are about 400 to 500 islands without an official name,” he said after opening the 4th Tourism Promotion Organisation for the Asia-Pacific Cities (TPO) general assembly here on Monday.

Musa said this when asked about fears raised by a University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) study that showed that many islands in Sabah were not named, which could lead to future territorial disputes with neighbouring countries.

UMS International Law Studies lecturer Dr Marja Azlima said the Government needed to be proactive in naming the islands whether big or small so as to avoid overlapping claims like that of Ambalat between Malaysia and Indoensia, and Batu Putih between Malaysia and Singapore.

She cautioned that unnamed islands would be focal points for overlapping claims between neighbours and should be addressed now to overcome future issues.

Musa said that the naming or renaming of islands within Malaysian territory would be tabled to Cabinet for approval before they are gazetted

9 thoughts on “What’s in a name? Ownership rights

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  1. Haven’t Indonesia embarked on a similar scheme that includes planting the flag and affixing a plaque stating that the island, atoll, or piece of rock sticking out of the sea is the sovereign territory of the Republic of Indonesia?

    Can’t remember the specifics and too lazy to do the Google search 😀


  2. ya indonesia juga melakukannya.. untuk menunjukkan kedaulatan indonesia di pulau2 terluar.. sama sekali bukan masalah kecuali untuk pulau yang disengketakan.. saya kira antara wilayah sabah dengan indonesia tidak ada pulau yang disengketakan kecuali masalah blok ambalat.. tapi tidak tahu kalau saja ada pulau yang dianggap milik indonesia yang nantinya dinamai juga oleh sabah.. itu baru masalah..


    1. It is clearly stated that the islands involved are within its (Sabah) territorial waters. Why should everybody make so much noise about it ?


  3. tiara,
    Agree with you.Nothing to do with Indonesia or Philippines.All those islands are within Sabah territorial waters.Our only disputed islands were Sipadan and Ligitan which have been resolved by the World Court.Malaysia was given the ownership.


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