Beyonce, Fortune and Malaysian censors on a power trip

Malaysia continues to make itself a laughing stock in the world. The Truly Ridiculous state has taken to trying to ban Beyonce from performing again (see first time here) unless she’s “appropriately” dressed.” It is as if a Beyonce, as seen on MTV or Channel V, will at one go corrupt the morals of the Malaysian population and turn them into sexual deviants. That’s why the religious wallahs have given her the ultimatum of dressing appropriately or be denied the permit to perform in Malaysia.
Will she turn Malaysian men into sexual deviants dressed like that - or are they already diviants?
Will she turn Malaysian men into sexual deviants dressed like that - or are they already deviants?

Guess what? Beyonce probably does not need such flak or the money from Malaysia. So Malaysians are likely to go without Beyonce’s performance again this Sunday.

But such Truly Ridiculous mentality is only to be expected from a country who would even wield the “oh so last century” censorship technique of using a black marker to censor a magazine.

And what did they censor. As Chun Wai reports in his blog, the marijuana leaf symbol on actress Mary Louise Parker’s singlet on the cover of Fortune Magazine.

The logic here must be that if the marijuana leaf symbol is seen by Malaysians then they would overnight turn into dangers drug addicts who rob, pillage and mug old women.

What a trip divorced from reality these guys in Malaysia are. Instead of getting their knickers in a twist about skin and marijuana they should just go to the US, as for some medical marijuana, inhale some of that stuff and chill.

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We have seen how the censors ridiculously black out pictures of topless tribal women in National Geographic but even financial magazine Fortune has not been spared. My September issue of Fortune came with this shocking censorship.

On the cover is a picture of actress Mary Louise Parker, who acts as a single mother who sells weed to support her family in the hit TV series “Weed.” On the right hand corner, our censor’s black marker pen “censored” out something. I was not sure at first what was on it but as you can see from the cover above (which can be easily found online), what our censors found objectional turned out to be a picture of the subject matter being discussed.
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  1. I guess this is a reflection of the old conservative idea that you have to control what the woman wears, because it is too difficult to try controlling the man who looks at her. It is sad to say, but Malaysian males have a real behaviour problem any time they see an attractive woman. I’ve never personally witnessed Chinese guys doing this, but so many Indian and Malay guys find it too hard to have a quick furtive glance and then look away. They need to beep their horns and make harassing comments.
    Cultures, particularly Islamic ones, that force women to dress conservatively tend to have this problem – when confronted with women that don’t dress conservatively, many men start acting like animals.


    1. Ermm excuse me Islam does not force women to dress in any way its their choice whether they want to follow the rule or not christians dont allow this either well thats until people changed the bible to meet their needs anyway the point is that beyonce Isn’t Allowed 2 perform in Malaysia wow big deal get over it shes probably dnt care coz shes getting money anyway.


  2. Why can’t anyone find a happy medium? Over there women are required to walk around in sheets and over here women tend to walk around with barely anything on. I mean look at that pic of Beyonce above. Why does she think it is in any way appropriate to proposition herself this way. She is not much better than a whore. She sells sex. Over there, men need to curb there desires. You can’t possibly blame a woman every time you get a hard on. At some point they have to realize that the problem is with them and not the woman.

    People need to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions. If you are walking around trying to draw men in with your body then you are a slut. There is nothing wrong with looking nice and wanting to be noticed by a particular AVAILABLE person, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it. I think if more people took this into consideration the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high. Also, if you see a PIECE of skin, no woman is obligated to cover it just because you get a hard on. There IS a difference between a provocative woman and a woman with class. Beyonce is an example of a provocative woman. Michelle Obama is a woman with class. Learn the difference.


  3. Re: Beyonce whom I call the “Happy Hooker” and the HO with a heart..come on guys you know what time it is get to look at Hustler magazine poses on stage..why because her wig wearing azz has to be a HO to sell records, Mariah didn’t do it, Whitney didn’t do it and for certain SADE didn’t do it..I agree, in Malaysia you got those chicks selling their what’s another one?

    Her perverted father is behind all of think long and hard without the hard on–lol..what other hoe had her father as a Manager..all for the love of Money..Beyonce is the ultimate Nappy headed hoe that Imus called the brilliant atheletic basketball team at Rutgers University in NJ. she owns and has owned over 5000 wigs and yes you guys see the hair and the other hair..she looks like shit without all that shit on..


  4. If you don’t like the way she dresses look at the others:Lady Gaga,Rihanna,Mariah,Christina,Katy Perry,Britney…… they barley wear anything at all.
    Beyonce as a celebrity is the best role model right now.And if malaysians can’t control themselves it’s their problem not hers she’s a performer not a babysitter.


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