Love thy neighbor and teach them to be polygamous

Love they neighbor, the say. And in this case neighborly love takes on a weird manifestation as Malaysia exports the concept of a polygamy club to Indonesia. Of course the ungrateful Indonesian men could do naught but spurn the poffered gifts from its neighbor.

Perhaps this is because the polygamy club  is not the only well-known export that Malaysia contributes to its Serumpun neighbor: the other reknowned export is Nordin M. Top, for many years the most waned terrorist in Indonesia who is believed to be behind the Marriot and Ritz carlton bombings, the Bali mBombings and the Australian Embassy bombings.

This story from The Jakarta Globe:

Indonesian Men’s Group Takes Stand Against Polygamy, Branding It Discriminatory

A number of men have formed a group to counter the controversial launch of a local branch of a Malaysia-based “polygamy club” in Bandung.

Speaking at a news conference at the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) in Jakarta on Sunday, Wawan Suwandi, a member of the Men’s Coalition to Reject Polygamy, said the failure of a growing number of men to consider women’s perspectives on polygamy had forced them to act.

“The practice of polygamy is so patriarchal — there is no gender equality,” said Wawan, who also works for a women’s rights group, the Women’s Journal Foundation (YJP).

“We want to share this critical awareness with society and ask men to promote this awareness.”

Wawan said the topic of polygamy was brought up now more than ever before, especially by elements that support what he called a discriminatory and degrading practice.

Last month, Bandung played host to about 150 people from across the nation to launch the first Indonesian branch of the controversial Global Ikhwan Polygamy Club.

3 thoughts on “Love thy neighbor and teach them to be polygamous

  1. Respect to these guys. It’s great that males can stand up and speak out against polygamy as well.
    Besides, it makes sense; even though polygamy seems like it is tilted in males’ favour, it hurts us guys as well for one man to take more than one eligible woman off the market.


  2. So, if we start to research older customs, where Polygyny was much more common, or, in some cases the everyday norm, then it might start to spark some interest. See Here:

    I also draw your attention to Polyandry. See Here:
    Yes, I’m referring to ONE WOMAN, Multiple Husbands all at once. And I’m not talking about some freaky orgy either.

    It seems that Polygyny is starting to pick up in Indonesia. I’ve met a handful who have more than one husband. Does anyone else do? Care to share?


  3. Having more than one mate (whether woman or man) is neither feasible-in this modern day and age- nor is it rational.

    I have to hand it to those poly-maniacs though… It must require a whole lot of effort and will power to even cope with a household that has more than one spouse! (Imagine coming home to 5 nagging wives! or even 5 stingy husbands!haha)


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