Facebook wars over KPK

Forget Mafia Wars. This is infinitely more gripping. Besides it’s a real conflict involving the institutions that have the whole nation agog over the past few days and easily accessible through your Facebook account.

See how social media is being used — either in a concerted way by organizations or spontaneously by individuals — in the KPK-Police/Attorney General’s Office confrontation. This is an episode which is made all the more interesting because the Vice President of Indonesia @boediono has Twittered to ask who this Evan is. Go figure! (Why is the VP asking for information on Twitter when the intelligence services should be at his beck and call?)

The screen grab below is from the posting of a contact in Facebook. Apparently Evan is a Brimob member who had a posting in his Facebook page saying “Polri does not need society but society needs Polri…forward with the Indonesian Police, bury alive the small geckos…”

The response from one other Facebooker (below) was  a posting with screen grabs of Evan’s Facebook with lots of contacts “tagged” with the following comment: “This is Evan Brimob who is arrogant and opposes the citizenry, degrading healthy thinking and contemptuous of the defense of the truth. Spread this photo and search Evan Brimob and send him a message that his arrogance will unleash the people’s antipathy toward the police who have already exposed their rottenness”.

How will this play out? Log into your Facebook account and find out…


2 thoughts on “Facebook wars over KPK

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  1. Hei pak Brimob. Tanpa pajak dari rakyat. loe gak ada artinya, gajipun belum tentu dapat. ha ha ha. malu2 in aja, sombong kutu kupret loe. gue tetep hormat pada institusi tempet loe kerja, tapi cara kamu berkomentar, sok banget………
    Itu gaji yang kamu dapat berasal dari rakyat jelata yang bayar pajak kutu kupret


  2. It’s no secret that the police and mainstream Indonesian society don’t get along well. This matter further intensifies the conflict.

    To be fair the institution itself is based on an archaic system that maintains this kind of attitude that Evan Brimob has so ‘eloquently portrayed’ (sarcasm intended). Hence when one is burgled in Indonesia it is common knowledge to not get the police involved unless you have a large amount of extra cash lurking around somewhere. And even then help may not always come.

    But on the other hand, the police do get very minimum wages with work that never gets a pat on the back, and inside an environment that denigrates them.

    Talking about the whole police system and mainstream societies is like a ‘debat kusir’… it ain’t going no where!


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