Busy, busy Manohara

Mano’s starting to talk like Unspun, referring to herself in the third person. Unspun does this because he’s warped but Mano doing this…er…never mind.

Manohara Turns Down Sinetron Offers Because ‘Mano Can’t Do Anything Else’

Teenage model and sinetron star Manohara Odelia Pinot said that a movie could be in the works, but she has declined offers to shoot another Indonesian sinetron and is just filling her time with social activities.

Manohara, who starred in a soap opera or sinetron titled Manohara on RCTI, claimed she did could not take any new sinetron jobs because the shooting schedules were very tight.

“I got several offers for a sinetron but the shooting schedules are so tight so Mano can’t do anything else. So Mano is busy with social activities,” Manohara said, referring to herself in the third person while speaking with RCTI.

However, Mano hinted that she might soon star on the big screen.

“There’s a plan for movie but it’s a long shot because it’s still a concept,” she said.

Manohara, who is currently undergoing divorce from her estranged husband Prince Tengku Mohammad Fakhry from Kelantan Kingdom in Malaysia, is also preparing herself to look for a new man.

“My type of man is a person who is funny and down to earth,” she said. Yet, she added she was not looking for a husband.

“Mano is relaxed. Why should I worry about marriage? Mano is still young, there are so many things to do,” she said.

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  1. Hi Unspun,
    Mano must have been influenced by our Malaysian artistes.
    They have have this habit of trying to appear all cute-sy and child-like by referring to themselves in the third-person.
    I feel all puke-y when i hear the likes of Siti saying, “Siti ini lah., Siti itu lah.” It seems it is the rule, more than the exception , here in malaysia, that they speak like that. I wonder when they will grow up?

    Meluat mendengar! –



  2. pak unspun, referring herself in the third person is nothing new in Indonesia, many childrens do this naturally, many girls do this because they thought it is cute as baby, and many gay boy also do this because it is ….cuuute…., but normally they will stop do this when they get mature. tunggu manohara jadi dewasa and you will see the different


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