Malaysia’s Islamic-oriented state government ends affair with blogger

For a while it looked interesting. PAS, Malaysia’s Islamic opposition political party recruits a well-known blogger to use social media to influence supporters, win would-be supporters and engage its critics.

That was in 2007, when bloggers were riding a wave of discontent in a nation that muzzles it mainstream media. It was also a year before the disastrous general elections for Abdullah Badawi who was head of Umno then.

The blogger, Sheih, who goes by the name Kickdefella, used his blogging skills to help PAS and the Opposition to a landslide victory. Observers were excited. Did this mean that the conservative PAS was now so transparent and open-minded that it would be comfortable with a blogger doing his stuff in their midst?

But now the relationship has soured and Sheih has been sacked by PAS. Why?

Rocky seems to think that it was because Sheih was reporting on corruption

Sheikh’s own account is a bit opaque.

What actually happened?


Sheih: Too transparent for PAS?

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