Rain fails to deter agents of change

The rain was pouring, the traffic was all snarled up but they nonetheless came, the fans and friends of speakers and the fans of Pecha Kucha. About 80 people showed up last night for Pecha Kucha Vol 4, with the theme “agents of change.”

It and it is heartening to hear, in the midst of the endless stories of political intrigue and corruption, of Indonesians who are doing something to change Jakarta and Indonesia into a better place.

Nena from Maverick (we organize the event and last night’s was jointly organized with the British Council as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week series of events) has a report below:

14 Inspiring People in One Night: Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 4 Agents of Change

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Some say that now is the time to change and to create a change. We say that it is now time to create a change, and to inspire others to create another change.

Continuing its path in inspiring others, sharing ideas, and connecting different people, Pecha Kucha Jakarta held the fourth Pecha Kucha Night, carrying the theme of Agents of Change. Fourteen inspiring people presented their endeavors to create change in their surroundings and even across continents – and in so doing, inspiring the 100-something participants of the event.

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