A tale of two legal cases: Anggodo and Prita Mulyasari

Update: Apparently the Viva news story before was incorrect. Antara reports Polri as having said that Anggodo hasn’t been declared a suspect yet here.

So we going forward, backwards, or sideways?


Two contrasting recipients of justice in Indonesia. We going forward, backward or sideways?

In Viva news:

Kasus KPK
Akhirnya Anggodo Jadi Tersangka
Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi diperiksa untuk tersangkan Anggodo Widjojo.
Rabu, 18 November 2009, 13:31 WIB
Ismoko Widjaya, Desy Afrianti
Anggodo Widjojo (VIVAnews/Nurcholis Anhari Lubis)

VIVAnews – Markas Besar Polri ‘diam-diam’ sudah menetapkan Anggodo Widjojo menjadi tersangka. Penetapan tersangka Anggodo ini sudah dilanjutkan dengan pemeriksaan Eddy Sumarsono dan Ary Muladi.

“Kami memeriksa (Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi) dengan tersangkanya Anggodo,” kata Direktur Ekonomi dan Khusus Bareskrim Polri, Komisaris Besar Polisi Raja Erizman di Gedung DPR, Jakarta, Rabu 18 November 2009.

Menurut dia, Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi diperiksa untuk tersangka Anggodo Widjojo, adik buron Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) Anggoro Widjojo.

In The Jakarta Globe:

Prita Mulyasari appearing during her first trial at the Tangerang District Court. (Photo: Safir Makki, JG)

Prita Mulyasari appearing during her first trial at the Tangerang District Court. (Photo: Safir Makki, JG)

Prosecutors Recommend Six Months Jail For Prita Mulyasari Defamation Case

District prosecutors in Tangerang on Wednesday recommended a sentence of six months in jail for Prita Mulyasari, who is standing trial for an infamous defamation case brought against her by two doctors at an upscale hospital in the Jakarta suburb.

“We are handling a very difficult case because of growing public opinion that the defendant is not guilty, regardless of the fact that the trial has not yet concluded,” said prosecutor Riyadi in his opening remarks.

“But justice must not bow to pressures only because the defendant has support from so many Facebookers or whatever,” he said.

“We recommend that the defendant, Prita Mulyasari, be found guilty of defamation… and be sentenced to six months in jail,” Riyadi told the court.

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  1. Yup… be wary of rich people/ companies in Indonesia… They have their way with the law…. And the law loves them (at least their money)


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