Help wanted to track down mystery temple

One of Unspun‘s friends has a rather unusual request. Could Unspun enlist the help of its readers to help identify the temple shown in these photos?

He says:

My friend goes to a Temple in Klang (Malaysia) of the Black Tiger (Or Hor) and was told that this Or Hor originated from Indonesia. In fact, the daughter of the medium who used to trance Or Hor in Klang remembered coming to Jakarta to visit this Temple in the early 90s. She is Indian lady who was adopted by the medium’s family. The medium has since passed away and the only evidence of the existence of this temple, are the pictures I have attached…….The other information that we have been told spiritually is that Or Hor spirit is no longer in the temple but the statue still remains but no longer in a prominent or important position. This temple is supposed to be quite unknown to outsiders but to the locals it is highly revered.

The friend says that the temple is somewhere between Jakarta and the airport so it may be Tangerang or somewhere around.

Unspun‘s friend and his friends apparently have been trying to track down this temple for months and came up with zilch. Anyone out there can help?

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  1. @China Benteng: Thanks. Have alerted my friends and they’ll be checking out your tip off probably some time next week. Will keep you posted if it is the mystery temple.


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