Food at first flush

Unspun supposes it is futile to ask why anyone would go to a restaurant that bases itself on the Toilet Bowl Concept?

Perhaps it attracts scatologists form all over the world. It apparently originated in Japan and has now seeped its way to Malaysia.

Unspun received notification of this restaurant through spam mail and fortunately had had breakfast before getting to the message.

I believed you have heard about the Toilet Bowl Restaurant before! Do you know that Malaysia, Penang also has this similar restaurant? Beside that, T-Bowl concept restaurant’s interior and the tableware design are base on the bathroom concept too. It lets you experience a different sense of taste and environment excitement. Further good news is that the T-Bowl restaurant will be setting his footstep in the Kuala Lumpur Sungei Wang Plaza, in order to let more people to be able to cater in a new generation of dining pleasure.

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