Miss Indonesia linked to sex cult?


Miss Indonesia linked to sex cult group

Kerenina during her crowning as Miss Indonesia on June 6

Kerenina during her crowning as Miss Indonesia on June 6

A fresh storm is brewing around controversial Miss Indonesia 2009 Kerenina Sunny Halim.

The 23-year-old beauty has admitted that she is a member of The Family International, a “non-governmental-organisation” for which she did humanitarian work in Aceh after the Asian tsunami in 2004. Kerenina, whose American mother and Indonesian father were members, was born into the organisation.

The Family International is the modern day spawn of The Children of God – and admits as much on its website. The name was changed in the 1980s after negative publicity forced it “underground”.

Founded in California in 1968 by David Brandt Berg, The Children of God was a counter-culture evangelical group with a foundation of biblical fundamentalism – and bonking.

Berg, who was also addressed as “Moses”, “Chairman Mo” or “Dad”, preached free love to his followers, to the extent that females were encouraged to go into the world and engage in “flirty-fishing” of men: essentially to use sex to proselytise, according to the Mail & Guardian Online.

The now deceased Berg has been described as “a self-professed prophet who was an alcoholic, incestuous, paedophile” by Perry Bulwer, a Canadian lawyer and blogger who “escaped” the cult in 1991.

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