Call for information from NST or Star archives

Was having a chat with some friends about the Allah issue and one of them seems to recall that sometime in the 1980s or 1990s the Religious Department in malaysia decreed that Christians should worship in English or Latin and Hindus in Sanskrit.

Sounds preposterous but what is the Allah issue today about if not preposterous. If anyone has any access to NST or Star archives could they be so good to look them up and post their findings here? One needs to trace the pedigree of such stupidity.

2 thoughts on “Call for information from NST or Star archives

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  1. While it is good to be critical and rasional, there are some ethical manner in dispensing our thoughts without expressing any anger or branding other parties.

    There was a 1988 Enactment in Malaysia that forbid the use of the word by non-muslim. The Arabic word was not at all used in the original language of the Messiah era in Palestine then. So why be provocative as the Malays (in Malaysia, Patani & Sumatra) associated their culture with Islam originated from Arabia?


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