Yosef Ardi back, now with RSS

Unspun’s laments, believe it or not,  sometimes gets heard. Back in June last year Unspun wrote that Yosef Ardi, former researcher at Bisnis Indonesia who used to run a very informative blog for businesspeople, Indonesia Today, had begun blogging again after a hiatus.

His return then, however, was sporadic in the frequency of his postings and his blog was not equipped with RSS that made blogs easy to follow though. Unspun lamented at some point that Yosef would do himself a favor by installing RSS on his blog.

A few days ago Unspun got a Twitter message from Yosef himself saying thanks for reminding him to put in RSS. He’s done so. His postings have also become more constant. So welcome back Yosef and look forward to your informative postings on business life in Indonesia.

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