The Allah Issue: The difference in Malaysia and Indonesia

The Malaysian Government is totally right, of course, in its explanation that Malays in Malaysia are different from Muslims in other countries such as Indonesia. Its insistence that this difference is justification why the word Allah cannot be used by those of other religions as in Indonesia and in Arab nations are, however, spurious.

Marina Mahathir has written in her blog about how Arab nations make no fuss about Christians using the word Allah. Unspun has little knowledge about the Middle East but having grown up in Malaysia and spent 14 years in Indonesia feels somewhat qualified to examine the government’s claim that Malays in Malaysia are different from those in Indonesia. Let me count just three ways (Unspun is aware that the three points are generalizations and contain their quota of untruths but generalizations sometimes capture some truth too that may spur informed conversations, hopefully, and it is in this spirit that this post is written):

1. Malaysian Malays get all confused between race, ethnicity and religion, Indonesians don’t

In Malaysia Malays are all Muslims. If they are not Muslims then the Malaysian Constitution itself rules them out of being a Malay. They also think that Malay is a race and the more idiotic fringes think of it as a super race. Hence the term Ketuanan Melayu.

In Indonesia, everyone has no difficulty identifying themselves as Indonesians in terms of nationality but are clear about their ethnic origins. Malay is considered an ethnic group in Indonesia confined mainly to Riau and parts of Kalimantan. Others are Bataks, Sudanse, Javanese, Bugis etc, who may belong to one religion or another.

2. Malaysian Malays are insecure about themselves, Indonesians are at home in their own skins

Over four decades of affirmative action favoring the Malaysian Malays in the guise of the New Economic Policy (NEP) has resulted in some very warped  psyches among the Malays. Unspun thinks it was Rehman Rashid in his book Malaysian Journey many years ago who said that at the back of the minds of many successful Malays is the nagging thought of whether they succeeded on their own steam or because of government largesse and favoritism.

On another level the Malaysian Malays that have not reaped to the full the benefits of the NEP become resentful because they see no way out of their relative meagre existences while the NEP-created Malay tycoons and politicians swish around the country in their Mercedeses and BMWs and live in palatial splendor. They are resentful and angry with the world, not least because somewhere deep down they realize that they are now slave to a handout mentality.

These factors contribute to a lot of hangups and anger, and in such a situation religion and race can be come very potential catalysts.

Of course, there are many Malaysian Malays that are cosmopolitan, liberal and top of the class but many of them end up being critics of the Government or migrate outside the country.

Indonesians, on the other hand, are very comfortable being themselves, some would argue too much so that it breeds a certain level of complacency. But the latter point is not true of the new generation of Indonesians growing up who are confident of their nationality, their ethnic roots and their capabilities. The Indonesian business scene may be a jungle but it is a rather fair jungle to all those to venture into it. Many have succeeded on their own steam and you can almost sense a new level of confidence and optimism in Indonesia today.

3. Malaysian Malays are so subjected by the authoritarian political system of Malaysia that also controls religion that there is little room for moderate religious leaders to thrive

If the Indonesian government were to be so silly as to claim that the use of the word Allah by Christians would confuse the Muslims here, they would be laughed out of town by the likes of the late Gus Dur, who, in spite of his eccentricities was a great voice for religious moderation. You would also have the Mohammadiah and Nadlathul Ulama poo-pooing the notion. In Malaysia you have PAS and UMNO trying to out Islamize each other in their efforts to court the Malay/Muslim voters. As a result no moderate religious figure or voice is able to emerge.

Excerpt from Ninth Church Vandalized in Malaysia as Tensions Rise –

Government officials condemned the violence Monday but defended their position, saying conditions are different in Malaysia from those in neighboring Indonesia or in Arab nations where “Allah” is the common term for God.

“These outrageous incidents are acts of extremism and designed to weaken our diverse communities’ shared commitment to strengthen racial unity,” The Home Ministry secretary, Gen. Mahmood Adam, told reporters after briefing foreign diplomats on the situation.

“They don’t understand the situation here,” he said of the diplomats. “They just want to know why it can be allowed in other countries and not here.”

He said he told them: “Be fair, you have to compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges. Our landscape is different from other countries. Malays here are different from other countries. The landscape here is different from Indonesia so we can’t compare.”

The violence has strained relations among Malays, who are mostly Muslim and who make up 60 percent of the population, and the Chinese and Indian minorities, who are Christian, Hindu and Buddhist.

Indonesia is less divided, with Muslims making up 90 percent of its population of 240 million.

Some Muslims in Malaysia say they fear that Christians are trying to win converts by using the word “Allah.” They say Muslim believers could be confused by the use.

This posting also appears at Malaysia Today where there’s a bit of a conversation going and at Asian Correspondent.

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  1. When I made my first comment, I remembered reading a paper titled ‘Perilaku Beragama Orang Batak Kristen’ by Rytha Tambunan in 2004, where anthropologist and sociologist admitted that it is difficult to differentiate actual behavior in social life that is a cultural behaviour or religious behavior. The synthesis of cultural and religious behaviors can be found in cultural activities.

    There are numerous academically published papers on this synthesis, and if the Malays were singled out, unfortunately, it was just a pseudo science statement. Please refer the yesterday’s editorial in The Jakarta Post which contradict your perception on the situations in Indonesia.


  2. Ong,

    Generalization as what you have done in this case is fine and I completely agree with your observation although I am a ‘little’ junior in the years of stay in Indonesia.


  3. Malaysian Malays are not superior Muslims. The Indonesians will hammer Malaysia if the UMNO Muslims were to belittle the Indonesian muslims.


  4. ” …they fear that Christians are trying to win converts by using the word “Allah.” They say Muslim believers could be confused by the use.”

    The argument – would it possible for 9% of the Malaysian Christian community to convert 60% of the Malay/Muslims in Malaysia? – was put forward in Aljazeera’s Inside Story – “Religious violence in Malaysia”.

    Hence my point – If the contention is that “Muslim believers could be confused by the use (of the word Allah by the Christians)” then would it not be true to argue that the converse possibility similarly exists for the Christians to be “confused by the use of the word Allah in the Bible?”

    Why is it that the Christian community is not perturbed by such a prospect? Could it be speculated that the Christians are impassive about their faith and in preserving their numbers?

    The truth lies in the fact the Christians, which equally comprises individuals from all walks of life, are confident within themselves of their own faith to not to be confused.

    Having said that, it would appear to me that the proponents of the “Malay confusion” theory are not confident of the faith of their brothers/sisters. It would be interesting to ask the question – Why?


    1. Why they don’t think it from another angle…by this way, they too can convert those Christian into Muslim…9% / 60%. Who stand better chances…hehehehe


  5. Tuhan tak punya agama – M.K. Gandhi
    Apakah Anda orang Malaysia? Jika ya, baru kali ini saya membaca tulisan orang Malaysia yang tidak bikin panas 🙂
    Saya setuju bahwa bagi kami di Indonesia, sudah relatif biasa menemukan bahwa agama tidak identik dengan ras tertentu, mungkin karena ras kami lebih banyak dan karena sedari dulu (thanks Bung Karno!), tak pernah ada tuh klasifikasi resmi agama dengan ras tertentu. Jadi rasa-rasanya, dengan segala macam kekurangannya, Indonesia lebih berpengalaman dalam berurusan dengan perbedaan.
    Saya sendiri hanya pernah tinggal di KL seminggu, tahun lalu. Satu hal waktu itu yang saya kagumi di KL, saya bisa melihat perempuan berjubah-jilbab jalan berdampingan (tak saling kenal) dengan perempuan berok mini dgn damai, juga si perempuan berok mini tidak diusili oleh para lelaki. Soal usil ini, pasti bakal dijumpai di Jakarta, makanya saya kagum. Tapi dengan adanya konflik ALLAH ini saya jadi merevisi kekaguman saya. Saya jadi berkesimpulan, yang saya lihat dalam seminggu itu masih sebatas kedok, penghormatan antar agama di Malaysia belum menyentuh “inner side”, mungkin hanya untuk tujuan bisnis dan pariwisatakah penghormatannya? Sayang sekali…


    1. Hey Joanna,What you say is very true. I hope that the government will relsiae that a rethinking of our policies which govern racial issues or discussions is in order. It is not right to subject people’s social and emotional well-being to the whims and fancies of economic growth, and where people’s thinking abilities to empathise for others is thus compromised which has thus resulted in a situation as such. I am sorry that many people have to undergo judgment because of a self-centredness that has thus been perpetuated, and I do hope this will change, as more of us speak up about this issue.Roy


  6. To the author of this article:

    I was really confused by all the articles published on the net about the racial issues. They always mention about the Malays, Chinese & Indians or Malays & Non-Malays. Are they ruling out the natives that mostly formed the states of Sarawak & Sabah? Are they opposed that as long they are Muslims, automatically become Malays? Are they forgetting the roots of their blood flowing in their body or they prefer to be called Malays?

    I think there is chronic big misunderstanding for all of us here. They can’t even determine they races and still able to raise the racial issues in Malaysia.

    PEOPLE!! Think & work out your brain


  7. Up to this point,i’m still cannot understand, what is so confusing for the non-muslim to use the word “Allah”?
    besides, i thought it is illegal to convert a muslim to other religion.


    1. its actually funny that a country uses the law to prevent people from making what should be a personal choice?

      choice of religion is legislated?

      illegal to change your religion?

      so much for human rights.

      does it matter what you call god? if in your heart of hearts you mean ‘GOD’?


  8. I am no expert on, nor am I a big fan of the concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. Whatever the phrase may mean, I do know it does not denote – nor does it connote – any notions of a super race. It quite unfortunate that the phrase lends itself to this interpretation (by non-Malays as well as some the occasional idiotic fringe Malay).

    No sir, the thought that Malays see themselves as a super race is about as ridiculous as Indonesians seeing themselves as the model nation. Of course there are fringe elements out there – but they shouldn’t factor much into the scheme of hings.


    1. No sir, the thought that Malays see themselves as a super race is about as ridiculous as Indonesians seeing themselves as the model nation.

      c’est vrai, mon ami. As it is equally ridiculous if one thinks that Malaysia is the model nation in economy. 😉


  9. I am only 11 years old but I cant see why Allah Cannot be shared with the Malay speaking Christians;Allah is only aword which is only a concept;its the ultimate reality that counts;I come from a family of multi religious and multi ethnic background;my mothers mother is Spanish; mothers father is American;fathers father is Chinese;my dads mum is Dusun;we have so many religions in this family ranging from Catholics;AnglicanTaoist,Buddhist & Islam;if only Malaysians can be more emphatic and refrain from extremism then everything should work out fine;the truth is no one race or religion is more superior or inferior than the other;its all in the man*s mind;and if I guess correctly all religions are man made!


  10. @seng2: You are absolutely right and for an 11-year old you write beautifully and reflect wisdom beyond your years. Yeai! The trouble is that some people take religion too seriously and they allow other factor in life – such as politics, bigotry etc – to muddle the issues.


  11. What’s the difference between the Malay muslim in Malaysia and the muslim in Indonesia.Does Malay muslim in Malaysia have 3 BALLS?????? 2 PISANG?????????


    1. I’m a Catholic from Malaysia. The Malay Muslims vision their race to be a “Superior Race” because their brains at the bottom where their ass should be and ass fused above their neck!


    1. Hi mae. I am Indonesian. I live in Malaysia for around 6 months.
      Within this context. Yes. Indonesia is much better. Do You think it is easy to move to indonesia? If you have no money and no brain, you will end up living in a trees and probably become a beggar on the street. But if you have money, you could live like a King.


  12. At one time, certain people promote differences. But when actual differences crop up right in front of them, they refuse to accept. Why dont they accept the fact that situation in Malaysia is different ?


    1. Mea, who promote differences (i guess you mean race) in Malaysia? Who promote babiputar and non? Answer this first.


    1. @mae: I am not related to unspun but another Malaysian who live outside of the country. I am sad because my country has again became a laughing stock of the world. This is not the first time. And I am being made fun of by the people around me just because I am a Malaysian. There must be a reason why the majority of the world population think we are wrong. Why don’t we just look into the mirror and think rationally for a soul searching? Isn’t that in the teaching of our religion?


      1. Nice reply. Very mature and sincere.

        Just want you to know that not all of us think that just because some malays act improper and unjustly, that we put you all together in one group.

        I think this whole ‘Allah’ case makes it hard for most Malay Muslim Moderates to voice their opinions since the atmosphere is currently very extreme.

        I do think that Malays view themselves as being different muslims, separate from each other. Much like some Indonesians have the fallacy to deny their Arabic Sunni roots. But again, isn’t it one of the true aims of Islam to ‘Unite the Ummah’. Why such strong feelings of separation? Allah is a word… His name is many… 99 if I am correct? Why fuss over a word when there are so many names for the Almighty for us all to utter in humbleness?


      2. I’m a foreigner who has been living in Malaysia for 12 years. I’m sorry you are on the receiving end of negative fallout from what is happening in your country right now . I can relate to that as often people ask me questions about my country as if I’m personally behind every decision or incident happening there…..
        But please don’t get disheartened. I don’t think the world is laughing at Malaysians! It’s laughing only at those who use manipulation and pressure tactics to gain more political power and who don’t shy away from what the world perceives as quite extreme measures (evoking a court ruling on the use of a word is extreme – let alone a word used all over the world by billions of people – without problem or confusion)


  13. The mistake was to define malay as muslim in the constitution. So now, we have many malay wanabees, some dark, some middle eastern, who claims to be malay and bumiputra.
    If it was not put in the constitution that malays are muslim, then there will not be such a huge focus on islamic religion in the country. The budget allocated for the building of mosque is astounding. In Putrajaya alone, both the mosque are airconditioned and costs about RM700mil total. We could have spent that money on research and development, using our creative and gifted to the max. But no, we had to pamper the religious louts with grandeous houses of worship.


  14. Difference between Malaysian and Indonesian:
    Malaysian generally live a better live, ie more money, better education and live in peace. We don’t have to migrate to seek for jobs and earn money etc.
    We have better road transportation, almost all adults owns a car. In KL a family owning more than one car is normal.
    Malaysian is the employer and indonesian are the maids.
    The problem with the word Allah is, in christian there is no single reference of a bible i.e. bible has so many versions which means their contents is difference from each other, use different language according to country, ie. if in USA or UK it is refered to God, Holy ghost etc.. What about in nigeria, south afrika, germany, holland, sweden, italy, portugal, are they referred to Allah, god, jesus oe what or just according to languange of the mother tounge. Quran is in Arabic, any translation must have the arabic verse in it. you can take any koran from anypart in the world and refer it and the content will be the same. So that is why all muslim in the world can used Allah and not tuhan, god etc2.. so in common sense, christian in malaysia should used tuhan because they lived in malaysia. Come guys We use Malaysian language in Malaysia, Not Indonesia language!! perhaps this people doesn’t have any pride being a Malaysian. The christian is Malaysia particularly in Sabah and Sarawak used Allah because they import the bible from Indonesia. Probably Christian in Malaysia is not smart enough to have the Malaysian version of a bible translation. They need to import bible from Indonesia which is very different in terms of economics, quality of living etc2 as mention above.


    1. The simple reply to your question of why can’t they use Bahasa Malaysia instead of Bahasa Indonesia for the Bible:-

      The Government does not allow the publication of a Bahasa Malaysia Bible. It’s banned. So, left with no choice, the Bahasa Indonesia Bible is imported instead as the language is the closest to Bahasa Malaysia.

      So, who is to be blamed?


      1. Totally agree with pablopabla. In Malaysia, everything that government doesn’t understand, they ban.

        On another note, why some people can’t argue their case in a proper manner without resorting to name calling and hurting others? There’s no one nation better than another. Can you measure achievements in monetary term? IF yes, then we would have to call Americans, “Tuan”. In other words, don’t belittle another nation for we are all God’s creation.


    2. I don’t give a dam who and how it was used the term ‘A”. Nobody will be confused, only the weak faith will. So are you one of them? If not, better save your time playing guli. If yes, GOD help you !

      Grow up!!!!! don’t be played into the bigoty politicain’s dirty hands!


    3. Dear indonmaoli,
      how naive u r generalizing Indonesian and Malaysian economics and living std ? typical of a person living under the tempurung. those comparisons r things of the past. In coming years, Indonesia is going to be the economy power house of SEA due to its population and its demographics of its population. Malaysia is going down hill since ’97 crash where net capital outflow keep growing and hardly no inflow since then. and in 2009 alone, the outflow caused our base mny to shrink 25% ! in the coming future, dont be surprise u will be maid and the indonesian be the employer ! that will happen as when Petronas oil wells gone dry and the country become net oil importer, and the economy pie becoming smaller, u (i assume u r non-bumi like me) will be pushed to seek income outside Malaysia, probably indonesia.
      Dont be like those Hong Kies with respect to their viewpoints of their fellow chinese from mainland (the ah-chans), now they hv to kow tow to Beijing to survive ,….. Always remember, the world is round, and things come around times and again.


    4. Indonmali, you forget that many Professor in our country are Indonesian. So, we have to say thank you to Indonesian. Malays youth now are educated by Indonesian expert. Please don’t judge them. For peace.


    5. You mentioned that Malaysians generally live a better life, have better education, etc. But the quality of your comment seems contradictory to what you said, you look downright uneducated!


    6. “Malaysian is the employer and indonesian are the maids.”

      Wow… Thankfully my Malaysian co-worker doesn’t think that way… We work together and in peace… Both owning cars, and both farely well educated… I hope that doesn’t bother your prejudice and racism too much 🙂


    7. well spoken, Idonmali…..
      It is not in the issue at hand, it is what the gross insensitivity to what Muslim Malays perceived as a transgression into their most sacred of sacred “Allah” a specific name that forms the oath (Shahadah) to denote one a MUslim! Christians being Christian would not stop their evangelical intention to make every human on earth a christian!


    8. wow I hope not many malaysians are as stupid as you indonmali… you only see the poor indonesians in malaysia… look at the rich indonesians, it’s normal if indonesia has more poor people than malaysia since its population number is almost 10 times…but indonesia has also many more rich people than malaysia…reading your comment, I personally doubt if malaysians really have better education…:)


    9. My Dear Fellow Indonesians….my sincere apology @indomali’s racist remarks to Indonesians.
      As a Catholic from Malaysia this is the arrogance we non – Muslims have to put up with with this ” superior dick#head race.” Everything this dick#head posted in this portal is fabricated and lack of knowledge.
      The Quran is written in Arabic and this is why they don’t really comprehend what is written in the Quran and for this reason they get confused and feel insecure in their faith. We are only 9% ( to their 63% or so )and they feel so insecure. This clearly show how much they understand the Quran, which us in Arabic 🙂
      Guys get this….. We CHRISTIANS had to educate “these” Muslims that the word ALLAH (Arabic for GOD)is being used by Christians and Jews before the birth of Islam. This “revelation” was like a bad dream to them 🙂 . Instead of accepting true facts ,they resisted and defended their stupidity by claiming that ALLAH is exclusively for Malay Muslims. Malaysia was made a laughing stock as it was reported in various Arab and Muslim news media around the globe ridiculing the Muslims in Malaysia.
      As for “indomali” he is talking from his “S”, so typical of them. Now do you know why we say they are racist!
      Peace to my fellow Indonesians!


  15. The Malaysia ‘landscape’ was ‘painted’ by UMNO.

    This UMNO leaders know they can’t standing too long so they drew a master plan for how to get support for long period over the rakyat, so they came into this plan long ago..

    1. Ketuanan Melayu
    2. Ketuanan Islam

    If you are a Muslim then you are a Malay. So, Melayu = Islam, Islam = Melayu. Simple like that and if you are a Malay then you SHOULD VOTE for United MALAY National Organization. Get it?

    Now, do you understand how these people (Malay) think that they are “Melayu”?

    In fact, Mahathir himself is a descendant of Indian. How can he be a Malay? And Najib himself is a Bugis descendant, so how can Najib be Malay? What is “Melayu” actually? Is Melayu actually a race? or “virtual” race?

    And now we are told that Melayu actually come from the race of Jawa, Bugis, Siam and etc and these same race think that they are Melayu when actually they are not.

    The Bugis and Jawa in Indonesia do not think that they are Melayu. This only happen in Malaysia and guess who the master behind this superior race (Malay)?


    They did this long ago. They wrote on the textbook and all the student read it about the Malay supremacy. The textbook teach that All Muslim are Malay and that made java Muslim, bugis Muslim think that they are actually Melayu.

    These all are none other than UMNO political survival.

    Imagine if Jawa (Muslim) started to think that they are actually Jawa and not the race of “Melayu” and suddenly they stop voting UMNO because UMNO is only for “Melayu”? and how if Bugis (Muslim) starting thinking the same? Can you imagine the outcome?

    I write this because I am a Sabahan where there is no superior race here. All race are equal and respecting one to another.

    Sabahan 2010


    1. Hello there, AFAIK the malay terms is also used for Aceh to Java. I’ve read it from my textbook at school back then in Indonesia. If I not mistaken, Batak, Gayo, Aceh, Melayu Riau is called Proto Malays (Older Malays) and Minangkabau, Java is Deutro Malays (Younger Malays).

      My anchestors are Minangkabaus. And in Minang, there’s also have a terms: “all Minangkabaus are Moslems”. But I believe if there’s a christian minangkabaus out there, the other moslems is not too concerned whether the christian called their god Allah or not.


  16. Melayu misti akan hilang (against Malayu tak akan hilang, shouted by some AMINO not too long ago), at the distructive rate that it goes, and catalize by AMINO…Ah Lah A Ka Bar.


  17. May I joined the lot of you. Who are the Malay/Malayu? Indon, Thai, Phil, and etc. but of difference RACES, CULTURES, CUSTOMS, TRADITIONS, FAITH and so on. But in Malaya they always talk about MALAYU ISLAM. The WEST forgeting the EAST DUSUN/DAYAK/PUNAN who are of different BELIEFS. Orang Kampung NO School Lah. Unless only for kurik DOIT, Orang BERSEKOLAH Ok saja pukit panu DOIT. Lupa OrangKampung


  18. To Indonmali

    Who says the bible has no reference to Allah.

    In the Book of Ezra Chapter 5 verse 1, this entire chapter was written in Aramaic (Jesus spoke Aramaic and maybe Muhammad could speak it too since it was the lingua franca of the middle east at that time spoken by all merchants) as opposed to Hebrew, at the end there is a phrase in English ” GOD of Israel” and in Aramic rendered ” Alaha Yirael”.

    In aramaic, “god” is written Alif Lam Ha and “THE GOD” is pronounced “ALAHA” the “HA” correspond to arabic “Al” when rendered “THE GOD” as Al+Ilah = “ALLAH” written as Alif Lam Lam ha.

    See this

    and See this

    And the people in Sabah did not use ALLAH because their bible comes from Indonesia. Malay speaking Christians in Malaysia have been using “ALLAH” for at least 200 years including in Peninsular. WHo were the Malay speaking Christian in Peninsular? The Peranakkan their bible use “ALLAH” for “LORD” translated by Munsyi Abdullah. Father of Modern Malay Literature.


    1. @mak jun yeen….. Right On !
      I’m a Portuguese Eurasian ( descendants of Portuguese who settled in this region after the Fall of Malacca in 1511 ) from the State of Malacca.
      And as for the word ALLAH being used in Peninsular Malaysia, it goes back after the fall of Malacca to the Portuguese in 1511.
      A couple of years after the Portuguese established their presence in Malacca, a Portuguese translation of the Bible to the Malay language was introduced and Christian converts were using the word ALLAH since then.
      The irony in this ALLAH issue is that the word ALLAH is NOT a Malay word and they the Malay Muslims are claiming exclusive rights to that word for Islam in Malaysia.
      Ofcourse there are moderate Malays who don’t agree that the word ALLAH should be monopolized solely by the Muslims in Malaysia.
      The Malay language is not pure in its form. There are many ” borrowed ” words in the Melayu language. There are Portuguese words in the Malay language, for example : Sabtu (Saturday), Natal (Christmas , Mentega (Margarine), Keju Cheese ), Sudu (Spoon), Garfu (Fork) and many more.
      Can the Malays imagine if we Portuguese Eurasian in Malaysia place a ban on Malays using Portuguese words and for that matter Arabs for Arabic, India for Indian words etc., they will just be standing dumbfounded. Malays when speaking Bahasa Melayu will resort to showing sign language or doodling in pictures to connect to their sentences for vocabs that are not in their language.
      They arrogantly claim to be a ” Superior Race”. These are the Malays in DUMNO. Probably they don’t know anything about history and about HITLER and his ” Super Race ” …..bloody idiotic moronic racist ‘S’ Holes!


  19. There is a mistake in this posting.

    PAS and UMNO are NOT trying to out Islamize each other.UMNO is trying to out Islamize PAS.

    PAS is very confident in its Islamic credentials and have nothing to prove in this area. In fact, what PAS is trying to prove is that Islam is a fair and just religion and that everyone (no matter what their religion) will be looked after under Islam.

    Nik Aziz of PAS came out and supported the use of Allah by non-muslims. PAS also condemned the attacks as un-Islamic as Islam respects the houses of worship of Christians.


    1. I think that has something more to do with miseducation rather than Islam… You’ll find that here in Indonesia and other parts of the world too… Pat Buchanan was a stupid religionist, but people don’t remember him much because his stupidity claimed to be cast under a different book, the bible.

      History has proven time and again… humans don’t need anything to be stupid.


      1. Stupid people are everywhere, just as smart ones. In Indonesia they have some stupid people who act ridiculously, but the government is never as stupid as Malaysian government in this Allah word ban…:)


  20. NOAH and THE ARK

    In the year 2008, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in Malaysia , and said:
    Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all
    flash before me.

    Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans.

    He gave Noah the blueprints, saying: You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

    Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard but no Ark.

    Noah! He roared, I’m about to start the rain! Where is the Ark ? Forgive me, Lord, begged Noah, ‘but things have changed.

    First I need to have a BUMIPUTRA PARTNER who is linked to UMNO then I needed a building permit from DBKL and also have to pay under counter money To get the permit .

    Then I’ve been arguing with the BOMBA inspector about the need for a sprinkler system.

    My neighbors complained to The Malay Mail of the height of the ark I was going to build and the next day it was in the headlines claiming that I’ve violated the neighborhood building by-laws that my Ark is exceeding the height limitations. I appealed to the magistrate and it was approved.

    The Opposition took advantage of the situation and said I was a government crony and did nasty things with my face In the Internet I don’t know how they superimposed my face on a naked body with naked MP’s and potrayed it on the U TUBE. Oh Lord you are the all knowing and I did not take the photos of the MP.

    Then there was a another stop work order even before I could start work. The Badan Cegah Rasuah arrested me for phonography.

    I talked to a lawyer who looks like Ambitah Bachan talk like him Acts like him but is not him …said he knows the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister the Apa ..nama ..and can clear my name but i have to buy them tickets to Australia .

    After clearing my name …I had to again go to the DBKL Appeal Board for a decision to allow me to build the Ark.

    Then government after approving the plans said I must use only SIRIM approved goods and must buy from their list of CLASS F contractors which are 15 times more expensive than the china man hardware shop.

    Then the TNB and JPJ demanded a bond be posted for the future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark ‘s move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us but they would hear nothing of it.

    Getting the wood was another problem. SUKHAM and the JABATAN HUTAN NEGARA said There’s a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the orang utan.

    I tried to convince SUKHAM and JABATAN HUTAN NEGARA that I needed the wood to save the orang hutan – but they said no go.

    When I started gathering the animals, JAKIM and an Animal rights group sued me.

    JAKIM said I cannot put the chickens and the pigs next to each other as it WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED HALAL and The animal group insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They argued the accommodations were too restrictive,and it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.

    Then JABATAN KERJA RAYA AND JABATAN KAJIAN dan GALIAN ruled that I couldn’t build the Ark until they’d conducted An environmental impact study on your proposed flood.

    I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many bumiputra contractors I’m supposed to hire for my building crew.

    JABATAN IMMIGRASI and RELA are checking the status of most of the people who want to work.

    The trade unions say I can not use my sons. They insisted I have to hire only union workers with Ark-building experience.

    As I started to CLEAR THE AREA TO BUILD THE ARK 6 gangsters came and demanded for protection money. And said they will control the area for selling of drugs and prostitution to my workers

    When I complained to the POLIS… the next day the IGP of POLIS sent an ASP who came in full uniform unfortunately he also happens to be one from the six gangsters who were demanding protection money and doubled my protection fee.

    Then there was a by election and I was forced to be an UMNO member to get my permits approved and made to pay a donation by the Barisan Candidate in the so called spirit of MUHIBBAH Other wise he will make my life difficult when I did not as I was already your member …

    Every department I turn to is asking what they call “Kopi Wang”.

    I calculated that if I had to pay all the so called “Kopi wang” and give the donation the cost to build the ARK will be 20 times more higher… I refused to give them the Kopi Wang as I am faithfull to you Oh Lord.

    Then Some top level politicians were very disappointed with me for not giving donations and called me a murtad but I told them my name is Noah not murtad they got very angry and said they have connections

    Suddenly I am a suspect behind the murder of the Mongolian lady because the place where she was murdered happens to be on the land where I am going to make the Ark and was arrested

    To make matters worse, the Jabatan HASIL seized all my assets, claiming I’m trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species. I have just been released from ISA.

    So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this Ark.

    Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a rainbow stretched
    across the sky.

    Noah looked up in wonder and asked, ‘You mean you’re not going to destroy the world?’

    ‘No,’ said the Lord.

    ‘The Malaysian Government beat me to it!’


    1. wohoh…let malaysia be like indonesia…
      another business for me when another ambon and maluku event happen


    2. hilarious stuff!!! Although I think EVERY government in the world is like this… I wish God would send a flood their way sometime this century????


  21. Very interesting comparison.
    Malaysia and Indonesia have its own problems related to religions.
    Although Indonesia has no problem on the use of the word Allah = God,
    but we have other problem like usage of places for prayer.
    The most important thing is how the government handle such problem, if
    they (its officials) are unfair/unwise the problem will remain or escalate.


  22. whether you’re a Malay or not, I would say..
    HIDUP ALAY !!!


    okay, calm down everyone..
    let put a smile on our face so world won’t see our problem.
    or not.


  23. For weeks, I catch no ball in following this ‘allah’ thing. Then Eureka! it dawn on me that it is because muslims in Malaysia can confuse the word allah with christian god thereby weakening their faith in islam. Brilliant, Syed Hamid, you are the champion of intellectually-challenged people like me, hence catching no ball.

    Now that my head is clear on this issue, I hope Syed Hamid will petition the Malaysian government to ban the word ‘air’ in English. Is this what we drink or what we breathe? Then he can work on ‘cat’ and ‘cat’, and…. my head is splitting!


  24. Well Mr. Unspun, just stay in Indonesia for good and change your nationality (if they really want you). Malaysia don’t need you as parasites. Watch out Indonesia! This parasite (TKM- Tenaga Kerja Malaysia)is eating your country and the people’s mind. Please kick him out as soon as possible. This kind of man is an opportunist. I wonder why he didn’t get blown away at the bombings in Jakarta. Maybe The Creator gives him time to repent and think. I forgive you Mr. Unspun for showing your true self, being a dumb ass spinning news here and there between these two beloved God blessed countries. Anyway, talking and complaining are gratis….


    1. Do you actually have an argument here? Or are you one of those people that see’s the truth… Get irritated by it… Then can’t argue back… hence the ad hominem attacks on personal character…

      Hint: The discussion lies in the message and not the messenger…


    2. We don’t mind with Mr Unspun living in our country. Even if he critizes us, it would give us benefits from knowing our weaknesses from the eyes of non Indonesian…:)


  25. Yozeir is right, Unspun. Malaysia don’t need you as parasites. You are not a Malay, you don’t have the right to this, only umnoputras have this privilege. He’s so inclined to talk about bombings (in Jakarta), hinting a privilege umnoputras may soon stack claim. Practice runs are going on now at holy places. This guy knows not humanity, freedom of speech and… well, he’s just umnoputra.


  26. Very good one Bodol!! Very well said. Yes the english words ‘cat’ and ‘air’ should be banned! Hahaha…. so many stupid Malsysians in Malaysia!

    On the note of Malay = Muslims… mamak tongkang Matahir is descended from Indians and can become malay, or Na$ib rosak being Bugis = melayu = muslim…
    Pakistani muslim = melayu? Bangla muslim = melayu?
    How about a chinese convert = muslim = melayu OR indian convert = muslim = melayu…? all this is really confusing.
    Can someone please explain?


  27. wong malaysia ki cen cangkeme karo pikirane uteke dideleh neng silite.wiiiisss ra mutu tenan..mosok suku kok dadi agomo?opooooooo kui?malaysia ndesooooo!!!!!aku wong jowo yo ra rumongso melayu..polinesia chuukkk!!


  28. Can somebody translate this??? No understand… What was he saying?

    wong malaysia ki cen cangkeme karo pikirane uteke dideleh neng silite.wiiiisss ra mutu tenan..mosok suku kok dadi agomo?opooooooo kui?malaysia ndesooooo!!!!!aku wong jowo yo ra rumongso melayu..polinesia chuukkk!!

    I like the Noah and the Ark story. Very creative. Thank you to Thevar05.

    After following this issue about the “A’ for sometimes, I realized that this is non issue for us in Sabah since the beginning this thing came up. My fellow muslims don’t even bother to all these hoo haa. It seems only Peninsular Malaysia have this issue and they make it such a fuss that they forget that we are all Malaysian. Whatever happened to that 1Malaysia concept?


  29. My two cents:

    Muslims, whatever their race or ethnicity, USE Allah because it is in the Quran. For Muslims, the Quran is the literal word of God, which is in the original language that it was revealed in – Arabic. Muslims recite the Quran in Arabic, they pray in Arabic – the usage of Arabic is a daily occurence for praticising Muslims, regardless of what their native language is.

    Non-Muslim Arabs using the word Allah to denote God in their Bibles does not spark controversy because Arabic is THEIR native language.

    Christians, whose native language is NOT Arabic, using Allah to denote God is farcical. The usage of Allah by these people bespeaks of an intent to appeal to Muslims used to usage of Arabic word for God.

    Simple as that.


    1. Hi Nina / 29/1/10
      Ai-yah,Not all christians use “All-h” to refer to their God, Only Malaysian/Indonesian Bahasa/Language speaking people use “All-h” to call their god, because this is an adapted word in Malaysian/Indonesian Bahasa


    2. Well spoken Nina, I won’t be surprise non Muslim would not understand this, as their spirit is not the same, truth has been removed from their hearts especially when they are Catholics, as they like to change and turn and modify the words of god…humanise their Sky God, until they created the really preposterous concept of trinity! God has cursed them till eternity.


  30. I agree with your post,in malaysia the tension among religious group there is burning.they are turning into a more radical version of islam. in conclusion it’s better to live in indonesia then. 🙂


      1. really? I can buy car cheaper than in malaysia, shopping at Bandung FOs every week end without relying so much on AirAsia, and easily get pembantu without paying so much for agency fees…. but wait, we Indonesian middle class don’t shop at Pasar Baru Bandung or Tanah Abang Jakarta, those places only for (sorry to say) selera kampung, yup for Indonesian villagers and Malaysian Malays middle class!…:)


  31. Whatever happened in Malaysia stays in Malaysia..We know what best for our people..Whatever happened in Indonesia stays in Indonesia..
    Who are we to judge other country’s matter, so does Indonesia to respect ours. Every countryman definitely thinks their country is the best so the battle will never end..It just makes someone look and sound stupid..Doesn’t u study cross culture?..


    1. I don’t think my country is the best… no way… but then i don’t think any country IS the best… confining yourself to a country makes for some vile mental retardation… Patriotism is a close call to Nationalism… and we know how well that worked out in WWII (and other wars for the greater good of NATIONs)


  32. i just want to know why do indonesia people eager to talk about their neighbour country weakness when they should try to think about their country. do u really know whats going on in our country… maybe our country are not perfect but do think that your country are that perfect.. there always a reason for everything.. maybe i am not the person who should comment about this.. i will state here that i am still young and new about the world… and maybe there are thing that i dont like about my country.. and maybe you guys have the right to judge or say anything.. but that doesnt give you the right to talk bad about my country… why do you hate our country so much… even your people come here and be a citizen here… then what you say about malaysian people means you are talking about your own…


    1. “even your people come here and be a citizen here… then what you say about malaysian people means you are talking about your own…”

      errrmmm… once you gain a foreign citizenship your Indonesian citizenship is revoked… that’s how it works in Indonesia… Hence, they are now Malaysian’s…

      Sorry for having to bequeath these louts to you guys ;-P


  33. My comment somehow got stuck somewhere and is not showing up… I really don’t understand this controversy…

    I agree that Islam is different for every muslim, whether indonesian, malay, javanese, ethiopian, or british. But this non chalant way of ‘mind your own business you ain’t our kind of muslim’ rather spits in the face of Islam itself when it is the religion that is intended to unite the Ummah not separate them so callously.

    This is one of many things that I think is so ridiculous with todays Muslims. In the golden age of the Caliphate debates were going on about protection of the peoples of the book, taxes for the rich to give to the poor, education for women, etc. Now it’s debased into such trivial controversies as to whether Christians can use the word ‘Allah’. To each his own.

    Was it not the Prophet himself that said your faith is your faith and my faith is my own?

    Why are Muslims so busy harassing other peoples right to their religious freedom when they have so much to do for their own religion? Their own Ummah?

    What about having a discussion on ‘honor killings’ perpetrated by Muslims who think that the Qur’an lets them kill their own daughter or wife when they have been raped or improperly used?

    What about having a discussion on why most Muslims still go to Hajj when it is one of the many ways it supports one of the most brutal regimes in the Muslim world? The Saudi Arabian princes of torture and rape?

    What about having a discussion on why women in most Muslim countries are the most bereft of education, when centuries ago Islam was the shining light of emancipation for women?

    Why is this not more important than the use of the word ‘Allah’ by a non Islamic religion??? Why???


  34. Christians in the Middle East have been using “Allah” for a very long time. This is a non-issue (or at least, it should have been a non-issue except that some Malays weren’t too parochial about who has the privilege of being a Malay and a Muslim).

    Marisa – why do Muslims still go to Hajj? Because it’s one of the most important aspects of their religion. Jews are not going to stop visiting the wailing wall (and nor should they) even though it supports the genocidal Israeli government.


    1. My point EXACTLY!!! The ACT of being religious is considered more important than the RELIGION itself… Both Jews and Muslims DON’T HAVE TO… But they do… Because they think that it is more important than the basic things in religion which we are taught when we are children… Love, compassion, and the need to act when there is injustice….

      I remember a story that I was told by my muslim teacher when i was a kid… About the prophet Muhammad SAW that wasn’t properly praying because a cat was sleeping on his back. He stayed in the sujud position for hours not thinking about God (which is one of the main principles of a prayer that is Khusyu’ or devout). All because he didn’t want to disturb the Cat.

      But to each his own… Religion is a land mine…


      1. I actually find that comment deeply ignorant. Yeah, try telling Muslims who save up for years and years to fulfil a key principle of their religion that actually, doing the pilgrimage is all just an act, and not a core component of their faith.

        You say yourself, “to each his own”…so why then do you determine whether someone’s religious practice is genuine or an act? How do you know going to Hajj is merely an act?

        Try telling Jews that you know more about their fait than they do, and that according to you and not the Torah, visiting the Wailing Wall is just an ACT. Do you have any idea how offensive you would sound?

        By the way, it isn’t either/or. It’s not a choice between love, compassion, and fighting against injustice OR doing the Hajj. People aren’t stupid – they can do both.


      2. Don’t get your knickers in a twist Nasya…

        “I actually find that comment deeply ignorant. Yeah, try telling Muslims who save up for years and years to fulfil a key principle of their religion that actually, doing the pilgrimage is all just an act, and not a core component of their faith.”

        To some Muslims it isn’t a core component (Shiites case in point), as too does the Qur’an say that you should do the Hajj IF and WHEN you are able to (No pressure from the word of God but lotsa pressure from you). And I am not insinuating or telling other people that the pilgrimage is ‘just an act’, but it is an act of religion, that is often more important than the religiousness itself. It’s me saying that routinely praying 5 times a day to some Muslims is more important than putting your heart and soul into one prayer. And that it is my opinion that this should not be the case. (I am still entitled to an opinion right???)

        “You say yourself, “to each his own”…so why then do you determine whether someone’s religious practice is genuine or an act? How do you know going to Hajj is merely an act?”

        I am sorry if you read my comment that way. I thought you weren’t Pembela Indonesia…

        “By the way, it isn’t either/or. It’s not a choice between love, compassion, and fighting against injustice OR doing the Hajj. People aren’t stupid – they can do both.”

        Then DO TELL. How do you do both? How do you go on a Hajj without bringing in your money into the Saudi Princes coffer and thus supporting his ways of a self righteous and morbid understanding of Islam itself? How do you stop the constant beheadings and stonings of rape victims? By going on a Hajj and praying? Thank G-D people aren’t blinded by extreme religious faith eh?

        Cause believe you me, I know Jews that DON’T set foot anywhere near the wailing wall because they believe there are more important things to do. Let me get you in touch with some:

        Google Keyword: Neturei Karta, Jewish and Hassidic at that. Don’t go to Israel because they believe that creating a state above the ethnic cleansing of a people is going against G-D.

        And if that don’t please you, perhaps you should check out Rabbis for Human Rights, they operate in the West Bank and Gaza. They only come through Israel because they have no other way of getting into the Occupied Territories, and they always try as hard as they can to spend money in the Occupied Territories rather than Israel… Wailing wall will be visited after the Occupation stops. Their word, not mine… ;-P

        Y’know something weird… I’ve constantly been told by Islamophobes that Islam can never be tolerant and can never be civil because it’s co-religionists refuse to have a proper dialogue and are always threatened by anything and everything other people say… I constantly remind them that this is not the case (my mum wearing a jilbab and still having a debate with my agnostic self in a calm and positive attitude is always my proof of this)… But I guess you are not my Mum… of course…


  35. The Shias still go to Hajj, despite your assertion that they don’t see the Hajj as a core component of the religion. I took your comment as offensive because it seems you were judging people’s intentions. My apologies if that was the case.

    I disagree with your assertion that the Hajj is merely an act of religion. It’s a fundamental principle if you are physically and financially able. You show breathtaking ignorance of the Hajj itself. It teaches you discipline, patience, helping others, a sense of gratitude for being able to undertake the pilgrimage, acknowledgement of the fundamental equality of human beings.

    Malcolm X refuted the racist notions of the Nation of Islam after going on Hajj.

    For the sake of argument, even if I accepted that people of religion should not perform one of their religion’s core teachings on the basis that it provides financial support to the government over whose jurisdiction religious sites happen to fall, your argument that Hajj props up or somehow supports the Saudi government has no merit. The only economic beneficiaries of the Hajj are the Saudi tour operators, hotel owners, market stall holders, and the like.

    Providing security, logistics, and maintenance of religious sites for an event that draws in 3.5 million people a year is freaking expensive.

    Have you only just heard about Neturei Karta and Rabbis for Human Rights? You’ve googled them, I’ve interviewed their representatives (for my work as a journalist) a few years ago. They take a political stand in their boycott of Israel. They’re perfectly entitled to take that stand. But this doesn’t excuse calling for all Jews to avoid going to Israel because it (allegedly) benefits the Israeli goverment. Similarly, because you personally wouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia because you claim it benefits the Saudi regime, it doesn’t justify saying all Muslims should boycott the country.

    Just as the Israeli government has to maintain the Wailing Wall, and other sites of religious significance in Israel, and gets very little in return, the amount the Saudi government gets from the Hajj (indirectly too – through taxes paid by the businesses that benefit from the Hajj) is negligible. If you want to talk about who is propping up the Saudi Arabian regime, you might want to look into which country provides the most economic, political and military help to the Saudi government. Hint: it isn’t a Muslim one.


    1. Nasya, this has not turned into any sort of dialog but a venue for you to score points:

      “because you personally wouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia because you claim it benefits the Saudi regime, it doesn’t justify saying all Muslims should boycott the country.”

      Why not? Why can’t I express an opinion and ask my fellow human beings to join me in that venture? Is it illegal now? In what part of legal law does it state so? Does that make Chomsky or Naomi Klein unjustifiable? Because they too ask their fellow human beings to join in Boycotts and such against regimes that are benefiting from religion in dubious ways????

      “Have you only just heard about Neturei Karta and Rabbis for Human Rights? You’ve googled them, I’ve interviewed their representatives (for my work as a journalist) a few years ago”

      Bravo… I might’ve pointed out that I know Rabbi Ackermann and actually did talk to a lot of the guys from Neturei Karta, but that isn’t dialog is it? And it sure as hell isn’t the point…

      The lovely thing about commenting on blogs is that no one cares who you are or what you do or who you know… When you state facts and give links to verify those facts then that is the thing that makes you believable… And it sure helps in creating a good environment for discussion… So please, enough with the ‘Phd’ and ‘I’ve interviewed so and so’, etc. cause I know when I’m dealing with another version of Pembela Indonesia…

      This will be my last comment directed at you.



  36. Argh, mistake: “I took your comment as offensive because it seems you were judging people’s intentions. My apologies if that was NOT the case.”


  37. Someone’s got a chip on her shoulder hasn’t she Marissa? No one said you weren’t allowed to express your opinion. But in the same way, no one can tell me that I can’t dispute your opinion (“it doesn’t justify” is a comment, not an order – I would’ve thought you were smart enough to understand that).

    And in the same way, no one can tell me that I shouldn’t point out myt experience especially if it’s relevant to the discussion.
    “So please, enough with the ‘Phd’ and ‘I’ve interviewed so and so’, etc…”
    See, unlike you, I don’t take comments from someone I’m communicating with over the internet personally. I don’t see it as an attack on my right to express my views – so don’t hold your breath waiting for me to follow your orders.

    BTW, the reason I told you I had interviewed Neturei Karta was your incorrect and condescending assumption that I should Google them, as if I had never heard of them. I suspect you know this but are being obtuse about it, and instead using it as an excuse to launch into a personal tirade. The fact that you took offense at me refuting your arrogant assumption says a heck of a lot more about you than it does about me.

    You espouse (your own narrow definition of) dialogue, but have no idea that your comments can be taken as patronising and offensive. You’ve turned this into a personal attack and that’s your prerogative, but don’t think that it’s not painfully obvious that your little hissy fit is merely a reaction to the fact that you can’t refute the content of the discussion. Your position is against Muslims who go on Hajj and in your words support the Saudi government. I suspect you don’t want to acknowledge that a non-Muslim country is the biggest supporter of the Saudi government because of course that would demolish your argument.

    And just as you turn the discussion into a debate about my commenting style instead of dealing with the topic, here you are complaining that I’m trying to score points. Pot, kettle, black.

    Enjoy your temper tantrum.


  38. Oh, an article from the Guardian about Islam and free thinking. That’s right, that happens to be the topic of this discussion doesn’t it?

    Oh, wait, no it isn’t…sorry Marisa what was that you were saying about “scoring points”? Isn’t that what you’re (ironically) doing now? Whatever happened to “This will be my last comment directed at Nasya”? Shall we add “pathological liar” to “hypocrite” under “list of phrases describing you Marisa? Or would you rather stick to “thrower of red herrings” and “builder of strawmen arguments”? Which one suits her better Nasya?


  39. Marisa, it might help you enjoy the view from the moral high ground when you lecture others on the correct way to “dialogue” if you actually stuck to the topic instead of introducing new ones.


  40. gosh..
    why whenever it comes to Malaysia inner conflicts
    there are foul sounds lingering around the cyber realm?more terribly outside malaysia?
    i very enthusiastic to learn english in school because i think that we can contact with many people using single language and people use it are more civilised.
    ~but i got myself wrong in here.
    most of the posting is not only hurtful to accept,but more nitwit than ever, it was out-maneuvered with the real things that should be discuss..
    ~~buzz off guys,you just disgraced yourself to modern western thinking people.
    i believe that most of you thought that this cyber realm was only confined to malaysia-indonesia region..
    how pathethic for highly educated english speaker!!


  41. my oh my….reading those comment make me feel unease. see what u have done. if u wanna make a post about Islam, i’m sure there is millions of thing others than a conflict to write about. Sorry if i’m wrong, but for me your post are more like provocative rather than info. Seems like u hate Malaysia so much.

    Spread LOVE brother! not hatred.


    1. @Nar: I am Malaysian and I love Malaysia but I have no love for the government or religious zealots, whether they be Muslims, Christians Buddhists or any ot her religion.

      On your point of why write a post on this topic instead of any of a million others: fallacious logic. Use this same topic and we can ask you why, out of all the millions of blog postings, did you bot her to read this one and even comment on it.


  42. Do you really think
    The malay majority is stupid to get confused if the word not even a Malay word is being shared by others? If you are stupid just go ahead. Jangan menperbodohkan orang lain


  43. allah is is all around us sharing is caring ,caring is loving,there is enough allah for all of us,believe in love, believe in sharing ,then spirit of allah is in you.when you fight, allah is not with you.what is the point of allah telling you to fight! is allah unkind, is allah a bully?is allah egoistic? allah is good.allah is a lover not a fighter.if allah is good to you ,then you must pass allah,s goodness to others.let us enjoy life together.people have fought for stupid things in the past history.we are more civillised than them.


  44. An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I do believe that you need to write more on this subject, it may not
    be a taboo matter but usually folks don’t talk about these subjects.

    To the next! Many thanks!!


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