Sexy underwear for the dead

Was recently in the historic town of Malacca in Malaysia and strolling through its old quarter when we chanced on one of several shops that sold offering for the dearly departed. The Chinese believe that when people die they go to a Second Life-like parallel universe where they would still enjoy the materialistic things that their relatives offer to them.

Imagination and a mercenary streak has ensured that the makers of these items, which are burnt as offerings to the dead, have kept up with the times. Hence you have paper cans of beer, paper Mercedes cars (complete with chauffeur), paper handphones and most mod cons you can think of, including the houseboys and pembantus.

Unspun was, however, still struck by the novelty of it all when he and Loved One came across this shop near Malacca’s famous Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and its shopfront display of sexy underwear for the dead. Doesn’t this make you wonder what kind of a relative would buy such merchandise for their dearly departed (and what sort of character she must have been when alive. Granted could be a He at which case…kinky!)?

Check out the sexy underwear for the dead. Also notice the faux cans of Carlsberg nearby. Do the dead get sloshed before they bonk?

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