The lovely wooden houses of Bangka

Was in Bangka over the weekend and couldn’t help but appreciate the textures and washed out colors of the wooden houses as you get out of Pangkal Pinang.

Here’s one of them:

Between Sungai Liat and Parai beach resort

The rest, as well as other shots of Bangka I’ve uploaded on Unspunpics

Here are other photos from Bangka:

Bangka Pissnaken?
The obligatory sunset shot. This of the Parai Resort: great picturesque location but absolutely norak decor and architecture
Parai Beach, Bangka
We went to a farm in Sungai Liat and saw these piggy wiggys that somehow reminded me of my office. Bangka is also famouse for its roast pork and you can buy some just outside the airport where a group of vendors are clustered, or, if you have the connections, make a phone call and have it delivered by air to Jakarta

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  1. Yes, it is really very nice!! I see that the architecture differs from those wooden houses we have in our country. To see the difference, see my post about old Rauma.


  2. @Charlie: The roast pork in Bangka is awesome (even though its not very good for Unspun’s heart) but I believe that there is really a difference of opinion as to which vendor sells the best roast pork. So Charlie and other Bangka experts, lets hear your recommendations for the best roask pork seller in bangka (and give phone numbers too).


  3. Pak Ong, my mom always order from mr/ms.Tjong Kui Lai, I do have the phone number but I will only give it via pm, don’t want to broadcast the number on the web of course 🙂 as for Bangka expert, I’ve only been there once, more than 10 years ago, but I’ve always remember my late great grandmother’s backyard which was filled with durian, rambutan, cempedak and others. The food was simple but hearty and gave a warm feeling, while most durians was not ‘karbitan’ but really fell from trees and collected by the folks over there. Definitely will go back someday and visit the more remote areas which reportedly has one of the best kerupuk kemplang and getas 😀
    ooppss.. supposed to give babi panggang recommendation but wrote too much :-p basically you can call them and they will send it to you within two days if I’m not wrong. One day preparation and half a day delivery by courier. Last time it was around Rp.170,000,- and you receive it still very fresh, baked with a lot of spices and accompanied by sambal tauco which is also excellent 🙂


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