Would you want to stay in the US if you’re a Muslim?

The US Embassy in Jakarta has, since its early days of cooperation with Pesta Blogger in 2007,  plunged into social media with a zeal that only Americans can have.

Its Facebook page, for instance, has nearly 24,500 fans and its latest initiative is to use its Facebook fan base together with its ties with Kompas TV to collaborate with Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry to bring what is possibly the first direct streaming forums of its kind in diplomacy.

Facebook diplomacy: live streaming discussion on what its like to be a Muslim in the US tonight

At 5pm today the live streaming will feature American Zeenat Rahman, an Interfaith Youth Core member and Indonesian student Anggita Paramesti from Gadjah Mada University in a live chat on the potentially controversial topic Ever wondered what life is like in America if you’re Muslim?

Participants must register (here) and then they can take part in the conversation and voice their ideas on how people of different faiths can live together in harmony.

UGM's Anggita Paramesti will be providing the Indonesian point of view

Hmmm…who knows, they might even broach the subject of whether non-Muslims can use the word Allah, in which case the Malaysian Government should be tuning in.

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  1. America is the land of the free.If you want freedom,America is where you should be.You can say anything you want and embrace whatever faith you like without any question asked and nobody cares, so long as, you are within the guideline of the law.In America you manage yourselves and determine your own fate.You are on your own out there.You have equal opportunities in America irrespective of race or creed.The key to your success is your knowledge,qualifications and hard work.To my observations the Americans are more sociable and friendly too.Though their upbringings may not be religiously orientated, they are helpful and courteous, which, amazed me.Where I come from, no people young or old will give way to the elders,the Americans will.Where do we go wrong here? We, Asians, have lost our identity known as the most courteous people in the world.


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