Panting over panties on Valentine’s day

It’s a Friday afterall so time for some silly stories to get us all in a good mood for the weekend.

This story below is from The Daily Chilli, The Star’s scandal sheet online. You wonder what students in Malaysia get up to for a good time. Is it the repressed atmosphere in the campuses that makes students want to remove as many strictures on themselves as possible?

And whence the origin of the slang word “commando” to denote women who choose to go, er al fresco beneath their skirts?

Worth noting in the story below too is the stance of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department that holds forth that Valentines Day is not for Muslims. Not for thou is romance on the Infidel saint’s day.

Panty-less warning for Valentine’s day

By Edward Rajendra

Love birds are in danger of being trapped by the snoop squads of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department JAIS this Valentine’s Day, but girls who go ‘commando’ panty-less may just get away with it.

While female students in institutes of higher learning in Selangor are being encouraged by word of mouth or via the grapevine, electronic or otherwise, about not wearing panties on that day to express their love for their boyfriends, the JAIS officers are all worked up over these deviant acts.

Jais director Datuk Mohamed Khusrin Munawi said he was disgusted by the promotion of such immoral activities.”Muslims must understand that Valentine’s Day is not for them. We will not allow Muslim students to be taken in by such celebrations that deviate from the teachings of Islam.”

At this moment, we are unable to determine the source of the ‘no-panties movement’, but those encouraging such a culture are irresponsible,” he added.

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