Aussie unions getting shitty over rolls

Maybe time for a campaign for patriotic assholes Down Under?

Australian Workers Union Angry Over Cheap Indonesian Toilet Paper

A large Australian workers union has written to the federal government threatening to launch a full-scale campaign over cheap toilet roll imports from Indonesia and China.

The union, known as the CFMEU, says that a large shipment of cheap toilet rolls poses a serious threat to jobs and the local manufacturing industry, Australian Associated Press reported on Monday.

The rolls are due to be sold at almost half the usual retail price, leading one major manufacturer in South Australia to predict 1500 jobs will be lost.

The union has requested an urgent meeting with the attorney-general, asking him to overturn the decision allowing the import.

“Exporters from China and Indonesia are hurting the tissue-making industry by selling product at a lower price,” CFMEU secretary Michael O’Connor said in a statement.

via Australian Workers Union Angry Over Cheap Indonesian Toilet Paper – The Jakarta Globe.

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  1. if u can’t produce cheaper, then go file for bankruptcy, or try other businesses where the competition is less stiff.
    thats how globalisation works. u cant expect to flood us with cheap diary products at which u hv competitive edge while blocking us access to ur market


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