Malaysia’s imbecilic Aussie haters

There was a time when no matter how bad things got Malaysians could be proud that the years of British Colonialism had left them a great heritage – their command of English.

Malaysians were proud of how good their English were, as opposed to the Thais, the Indonesians. The only ones who had English as good as theirs was Singapore and the Philippines but then its a variation of American, not English, that they used.

Now along with the general decline and decay of Bolehland even the English is gone. Witnesses the how bad the English was in this anti-Australian protest, that some disgusted person had taken the pains to point out and is now doing the rounds in the email chains. (and yes, pedants, it should be MPs and not MP’s)

You wonder how many of these goons participating in demonstration a la Bolehland recipients of Government scholarships in English-speaking countries. There is such a thing as casting pearls before swine.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder whether these domonstrators really understand what the real issues are. Emotion clouds everyone’s thinking, all the more in such cases. Rah-rah-rah and it’s all over. Their deficiency in the English language is another issue all together, and a serious symptom of what’s happening to the education system, but I doubt they care.


  2. I witnessed Britishers and Americans fail to tell “weather” from “whether” or “of course” from “of coarse” even it is clear that it is grammatically incorrect like “should of” from “should’ve”


  3. “Witnesses the how bad the English was in this anti-Australian protest…” Was that supposed to be ironic, or just a typo?

    I’m not sure one protest banner can be seen as indicative of an entire country’s English ability – and let’s face it, the English spoken by Malaysians is pretty damn good.

    As for Indonesians’ English, what’s wrong with it? I can’t recall having any difficulties understanding Indonesians speaking English…


  4. By the way, you might find Australian comments on Melbourne’s Herald Sun paper interesting.

    Their mistakes far outdo anything in your photograph in terms of stupidity (and English is supposed to be their first language).

    Ironically, the readers of this paper are usually the first to demand that migrants learn English and assimilate.

    From an article on a Monash legal service report that found police target African youths:

    “my brother the POLICEMAN, takes these ungratefulls [sic] on tours of Melbourne and it’s [sic] surrounds on Taxpayer money”

    “am not surprsed [sic]that it is Monash that is complaining.”

    “Theres [sic] alot [sic] that goes on down there that you dot [sic] know about. Im [sic] not saying what the cops do is alright but you are hearing one side of the story.”

    “this is to far fetch stop lying” [I think this person means too far fetched]

    “My heart [sic] don’t bleed for these poor boys….if they are not happy here they are welcome to go back to their home countries an [sic] stop creating troubles here.”

    “Thats because one in nine somali male [sic] commit crimes…”

    “I’m minority but assimilated and thought of myself as an asussie [sic], MINORITIES read and understand the line above!” [it might help to understand it if it made sense]

    “What they should do is learn our laws, appreciate they are in our country and stopped using the racist card for everything they dont like.” [maybe what this person needs to do is learn about proper tenses]


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