What should Obama eat, wear, drink while in Indonesia?

Planning for the visit of the President of America is a big job and the folks at the US Embassy are asking for some help from Indonesians to suggest what local food he should consider eating while here, what color batik he should wear and what local drinks he should try.

They are doing so through Facebook, quite appropriate for the most socially networked US president or any head of state.

If your like most of the Red-and-White-to-the-core Indonesians Unspun knows you probably have some strong ideas about which Indonesian food is best. If so join in the fun at the US Embassy’s facebook app and make your suggestion for Barry’s menu.

The US Embassy made an announcement of this Facebook app on Facebook this morning and it looks like the appeal has struck a chord, or rather the stomachs of many Indonesians. So far there are 609 comments and rising….

Disclosure: Unspun’s firm works with the US Embassy on Pesta Blogger and other projects involving new media

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  1. […] The newest feature comes in the form of a well-polished application, unveiled over a week-long period, to poll Indonesians on what Indonesian cuisine President Obama will eat and drink when he visits the country later this month, and even what color batik shirt he will wear. Around 20,000 have become fans of the page this month in order to have their say on these important international issues, and the poll has garnered mainstream media attention as well. For some more screenshots of the handsome app, see Unspun’s post on the application here. […]


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