Sieg Heil Tifatul Sembiring!

Unspun missed this piece of news but Nizam over at Multibrand caught it and good job he did.

Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, who was interesting for the first month or two as a minister plugged into the social networks, has once again tripped over himself in his attempt to appear smarter than he is. The man is beginning to become very irritating instead and Unspun’s thinking of unfollowing @tifsembiring on Twitter and on Facebook. There is only so much recycled quotes you can consume from one person before starting to see them as false prophets.

Quoting Hitler was probably another unthinking act on Tifatul’s part to sound smart when he ain’t really so. Wonder what the acerbic, occasional Twit porn purveyor and Tifatul critique @treespotter has to say about this.

Tifatul Sembiring & Adolf Hitler

Last Thursday, Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring caused a controversy on Twitter when he quoted German NAZI leader Adolf Hitler’s words : ” the union between two children, when both of  them complete each other, this is magic “.

The Jakarta Post reported that Human rights activist Fadjroel Rahman has reacted by saying that it is not appropriate for a Cabinet Minister of a democratic country to quote the words of a person who was responsible for the genocide of at least 6 million Jewish people during the Second World War.

I hope that the posting of above quote does not imply that Tifatul Sembiring, former Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party which is part of the coalition government,  idolize Adolf Hitler..

via MULTIBRAND: Tifatul Sembiring & Adolf Hitler.

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  1. Hi Unspun,
    Thank you for quoting my post.
    I wonder whether the Minister is taking part in the efforts to divert public attention from important issues i.e the Bank Century case, Indonesia’s unpreparedness in facing China-Asean FTA, rising prices, etc etc.


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