TVOne misses the news on fake broker case

Isn’t it a fascinating development when a TV Station gets their general manager to comment on police allegations that one of their reporters had fabricated a news report and he talks about her being the best presenter but does not disclose any facts?

As presumably someone who’s involved in the new business, shouldn’t Totok Suryanto, , TVOne’s general manager for news and sports, be giving the public the facts instead? Did Indy Rahmawati hire an actor to portray a case broker? Yes or No? Did she write a script and got the actor to read it out? Yes or No. That is all we need to know, not claims of how ethical and good TVOne is.

TVOne Defends News Anchor In Fake Case Broker Allegations

Broadcaster TVOne defended a news anchor who was reported by the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department, or Bareskrim, to the Press Council on Thursday for allegedly paying a fake case broker to claim on air that he worked at the National Police for 12 years.

The fake case broker claimed he was paid Rp 1.5 million ($165) by the anchor whom he identified only as IR.

“IR or Indy Rahmawati, if she’s whom the police referred to, is a reporter, producer and the best presenter on TVOne,” said Totok Suryanto, TVOne’s general manager for news and sports. Totok spoke on the television’s morning show on Friday.

Totok firmly denied any allegations that TVOne had fabricated the interview and had hired an actor to portray a case broker, and defended the broadcaster’s adherence to ethical standards.

“We will never fabricate any news items,” he said. “TVOne is a news organization which highly upholds accuracy,” he added.

IR, one of the hosts of TVOne’s morning show, was absent from the screen on Friday. She was replaced by anchor Grace Natalie.

Police said that in a discussion aired on March 18, Andis Ronaldi, also known as Andi, claimed to be a case broker and spoke of working out of National Police offices.

via TVOne Defends News Anchor In Fake Case Broker Allegations – The Jakarta Globe.

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