The naked truth behind the naked photos

Get a load on this story. Friend tells girl enchanted boyfriend needs to see photo of “naked pretty girl” to break the spell. So, instead of going onto a porn site on the Internet and dowloading the photo she allows her friend to take X-rated photos of her, which eventually find their way into the Internet.

How gullible and stupid can people get?

Snap: University Student in Naked Photo Scandal

An Indonesian university student has reported a friend to Bogor Police headquarters for allegedly posting naked photos of herself on the Internet.

Devi (not her real name), a 23-year-old student from West Jakarta, told police that she allowed her friend, Misha (not her real name) to snap the x-rated images in their boarding house in Kebon Jeruk because she had told her the pictures would be used to cure her boyfriend, who was under a black magic spell.

“Devi said Misha begged her to help cure her boyfriend Johny [not his real name] who was under a black magic spell,” Adjutant Comr. Irwansyah, the head of Bogor Police’s criminal investigation unit, told TVOne.

Misha claimed Johny could only be healed if he was shown a naked picture of a pretty girl, he said.

Devi agreed to help her by posing naked because she felt sorry for her friend but made Misha promise not to show her pictures to other people.

After the photo session, Devi received money from Misha.

via Snap: University Student in Naked Photo Scandal – The Jakarta Globe.

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