Indonesian Minister’s morbid tweets about Hitler

Whatever he is, Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring isn’t boring, especially when it comes to Tweeting, which he or a team that he hires, does with religious regularity.

Of late, however, @tifsembiring’s tweets have taken a strange, some say morbid turn. He’s taken to Tweeting about Adolf Hitler, you know that guy who killed thousands of people in genocide campaign and brought the world to the brink of chaos with World War II?

First, Tifatul quoted Hitler with this Tweet: “the union between two children, when both of  them complete each other, this is magic “.

Then he tweeted a joke involving Hitler, involving a wordplay of penyakit hidler, which is an acronym of hidung (nose) + meler (runny, as in runny nose). One supposes the humor that Tifatul found was between the wordplay of hidler sounding like Hitler.

The Tweets have unleashed predictable results. Dozens of Indonesia’s Tweeps have written in questioning the sense and sensibility of the man.

At the heart of this broughaha is a central question: what sort of a politician quotes Hitler and makes lame jokes about him on Twitter. What does this say of the calibre of Indonesia’s ministers?

6 thoughts on “Indonesian Minister’s morbid tweets about Hitler

  1. A typical case of bad taste or lack of historical knowledge – or both. What really is puzzling to me though is: what did Hitler ( if he ever said or wrote it) and what does the minister mean by “the union between two children, when both of them complete each other, this is magic“? Did they smoke a joint?


  2. the quote about a “union” is about the union of a boy and girl getting married and becoming one – that is magic. Hitler is (was) my mothers godfather. if you believe all you read in his-story books, you believe the lies of those that write them. the losers of war never get a chance to write their-story. wars are not created by a single man alone. if you want to know who makes war, follow the money, all the way to the banks. there will be no good humanity until each set of parents learns to only have children they can provide land and a future for. hand your children to the “system” to raise and provide for, and you will have armies and wars and poverty and tyranny.


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