The not so rich Indonesian Chinese

The stereotypical image of Chinese Indonesians is that they are all rich. This is not so, of course. There are many poor Chinese some so poor that they are believed to sell off their daughters to Taiwanese and Korean men for marriage. There are many poor Chinese in Tangerang, commonly known as Cina Benteng and today’s eviction of one of their neighborhoods illustrates that like all other ethnic groups in Indonesia, while there are a few rich people there are also many poor ones. So enough already with the stereotype of the rich Chinese Indonesian.

Evictions delayed as residents fight

Tough defense: Residents of Mekarsari village in Neglasari, Tangerang, Banten, face water cannons while blockading access to their village from an eviction effort Tuesday. The local administration postponed the eviction of the area as it became heated. Dozens of residents were apprehended after the incident. Antara/Ismar Patrizki

The Tangerang municipality administration delayed Tuesday the eviction of residential houses of a lower-income Chinese community living in three villages along the Cisadane riverbank, pending further agreement regarding compensation.

The delay began after a long-hour standoff between the public order officers and the residents in the morning.

However hundreds of officers bulldozed illegal factories, office buildings and resident-owned pigpens along the riverbank in the afternoon.

The standoff between about 1,000 residents of Tangga Asem, Kokun, and Sewan Lebak villages of Neglasari district, known as Cina Benteng, and the city administration has been ongoing since Monday.

The evictions of illegal buildings in the villages are related to the municipality’s project on the expansion of Cisadane River under a 2000 bylaw on sanitation, security and public order. (tsy)

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Source: The Jakarta Post

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  1. well they did not had proper the eviction is imminent.but I think we need more green spaces to avoid more flooding that’s happening all around us.


  2. “So enough already with the stereotype of the rich Chinese Indonesian.”

    Most Indonesians have this stereotype because that’s the only Chinese they see and know. I have the privilege of knowing, even being best friend of one poor Chinese girl that has to struggle in order to have a modest comfortable life. This has completely erase any rich Chinese stereotype I ever have.

    Does this makes sense?


  3. Pribumis as lazy uneducated monkeys, Arab Indonesians as stingy womanisers. Enough with ALL stereotypes, not just the ones to do with the Indonesian Chinese.


  4. To Richard & Travis: Cant find any woman in your respective country? I hope and curse that you two will never marry an Asian woman, and be left with a life of solitude.


  5. Cina benteng term is a racial slur did u know that? Its like calling a black ‘n.gga’ or general chinese ‘chink’. This post would offend the chinese community in tangerang for sure.


  6. cmon dude. do you need to refer them to the chinese? if there is a blog writing about any child trafficking in india, cambodia, or thailand. or how the black mostly do the crime in the western. and how white attitude is, working their asses out but everything go to their spending. or how the westerner went to asia to runaway from their country and family just to make their life better.
    there will be too much people blogging about this.

    fyi the chinese in the tangrang area mostly are muslims. they are not working, like any other chinese in the other part of indonesia. Tangrang is a place for those radical muslims.

    and for citra, is it wrong for someone to work hard to have a good life and enjoy their life? I dont think so.
    or do you prefer the natives indonesian, that doesnt work at all, build a house that isnt in their own land, and angry when being chased out, and never owned anything for the rest of their life, and cries to God, for their fate?

    just a thought


  7. For Nasya I think you ‘re Commonwealth typical of Chinese in Indonesia,who mock other race, u guys do anything like produce drugs,dangerous food and even worshiping demonds in gunung Kawi to atau rich, if u dont know thats the view about your groups in our society


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