Whatever happened to the sexy Malaysian baju kebaya?

Sigh! To think that there was a time when one could admire the female form in traditional attire in Malaysia. These days the sarong kebaya, a sexy garment if there was one that used to popular P. Ramlee movies is all but extinct, having given way to the extremely unsexy  baju kurung.

Why is it in Indonesia that the women (OK, one of the women pictured here is a bule, so probably a foreign tourist but she could easily be an Indo) can still wear sexy traditional dress when in Malaysia it is frowned upon. Is sexy bad? Does it make Malaysian women cheap? Or is it the Malaysn men that s so gatal that they have to use religion to bludgeon their own libidos and with them the women’s freedom to look good and look sexy with it?

via Almost a fashion show | The Jakarta Post.

Almost a fashion show: Dozens of female surfers ride on the waves in Javanese long-sleeved kebaya blouses Sunday for the Kebaya Surf Culture Exhibition on Kuta beach, Bali. The event was held to commemorate Kartini Day, which falls on April 21. JP/Zul Trio Anggono

6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the sexy Malaysian baju kebaya?

  1. My wife and 2 daughters wear the kebaya on a regular basis but I agree with you, fewer women do so in here in KL.
    I don’t think it is frowned upon, it’s more a question of functionality and of course it looks better on a well kept body.
    It would be nice though if, when the girls in my family do wear the kebaya, Malaysian men could practice what they preach and refrain from leching in such a blatantly obvious and vulgar manner.


  2. Whatever happened to the sexy Malaysian baju kebaya?

    It’s still there!!!
    Only that Malaysians, including Unspun by the sound of it, expect only the Malays to wear it. When the Malays move to baju kurung, the Chinese or Indian don’t want to fill the gap.
    Maybe Unspun should campaign for the Malaysian women of all races to wear it so that the Malaysian men can continue to enjoy the view!!!


  3. Did you know that in Bali (where this pic was taken) women and men used to not wear anything on top? Until the Dutch came and told them they were barbaric and should put some clothes on or else…

    Ironic that now in Kuta you see half naked Dutchies taking their tops off for some sun…

    Just some little intermezzo 😛


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