How to keep it real as marketers zoom in on Twitterville?

Now that marketers have wised up to the fact that Twitter is a viable channel for them to reach their markets, the space is beginning to be filled by noise of competitions and a race to have as many hashtags as possible mentioning their brand, product and campaign.

How can clients, consultants and social media users themselves keep the social media experience real for themselves and others? Hanny discusses the issues in Talking Points below.

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You might have noticed the signs in Indonesia’s Twitterverse.

Of late, Tweeps seem to be getting more easily annoyed with Twitter campaigns/ competitions that require contestants to flood their timeline with RT and #hashtags. They are also becoming more critical in spotting ”advertweetments”–poorly disguised advertisements tweeted by influential Twitter users/rainmakers.

The result is that social media users–including me–have become more skeptical toward brands/companies/Tweeps who are now racing full speed to establish their presences in social media.

The problem, however, is that through such practices they end up annoying their audiences; because they are serving up exactly the same things that people go into social media to avoid — annoying and intrusive marketing, usually in the form of advertisements and endorsements, in traditional media.

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  1. (I also tried to leave a comment but it didn’t work before, hopefully this time…)

    This was an interesting article (by one of your proteges?) and it’s amazing to see how fast Twitter has been embraced and misused by companies in just the short year and a half or so since it became big in Indonesia. Fortunately Twitter is pretty democratic in that its easy to vote yay or nay with RTs and unfollows.

    I’m interested to see how Foursquare is used by businesses and marketers here. It already seems to be the new hotness for early adopters so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. I can only read about how they’re using it in the States, but it seems quite promising for businesses. Any thoughts on the service.

    BTW, I found out about your website from Time Out Jakarta, they said you were ‘savvy’, seems they were right 🙂


    1. @AD: Yes, everyone it seems have begun to try to utilize social media platforms for their marketing purposes. nfortunatley they are usually using 1.0 techniques in a 2.0 world.

      Foursquare is relatively new and few companies have used it. I spoke to Santi who handles Blitzmegaplex’s new media and they are apparently trying to get a Super Swarm for Iron Man 2 sometime earlier this week. Don’t know how it went though as I’m traveling and have yet to catch up with goings on in Jakarta.

      Time out – aw shucks those guys and you are too kind *blush*


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