On the “gone native” bule

Every once in a while when thing start to get boring someone would post a Bule-bashing article that amuses those with a sense of humor and enrages the bules it targets.

This time it looks like TMC, in his guise as “Dikkiman Sujenkol” is hard at work taking a swipe about the bules who have been too long in indonesia they get stale (basi in Inodnesia). Hence the Basi-o-meter.

Its quite hilarious and bules are recommended to read it before they go too native.

clipped from www.indonesiamatters.com

We ever much talk about Bule (White Person) here. And just like Belanda (Holland) divide Indonesia into European, Asiatic and Pribumi, we must have way of classifying the Bule for when we rule his country.  We must also be able to rate his level of ‘Basiness’, or staleness.

I propose to you, IM friends, that to be scientific we must develop a ‘Basiometer’.  Similar to a hubometer, tachometer, speedometer, thermometer, the Basiometer will allow us to gauge the level of expiration in a given Bule.

What is Basi ? We Asians are infinitely more subtle than our Occidental counterparts, a quality reflected in the hidden and symbolic messages in epics such as the Mahabharata. Thus does Basi elude precise definition as did Diponegoro slip away from the forces of Belanda. Thesaurus.com defines rancid as “rotten, strong-smelling”, and…

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