Salvation for Sri Mulyani, purgatory for the rest of us?

Sri Mulyani, it would seem from the excerpts below from her farewell speech dressed up as a public lecture yesterday , has saved herself from the forces of corruption.

Rather than be tortured daily by the Ical Inquisition and be subjected to political decisions dominated by Aburizal Bakrie she has opted to quit and join the World Bank.

Good for her. Her escape is as inspiring and as poignant as nathan Hawke’s character in the movie Gattaca.

But what about the rest of us? We are left to wallow in the twilight of purgatory, where there is no complete darkness but where the light of certainty, logic and justice does not shine either.

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“There are several parties saying that I’m running away, or that I have lost the battle,” she said in a lecture billed as a talk on ethics and public policy. “I have won … because they were not able to dictate to me, and I have not betrayed my pride and conscience.”

In her strongest remarks since the announcement of her resignation two weeks ago, she stopped short of naming her opponents but made it clear that the political battle that began late last year when the Golkar Party led a House investigation into the Century affair had resulted in an uncomfortable reality.

“I am not a politician, but I understand politics,” she told a packed ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place. “There has been a marriage of two political sides and it will not uphold the public’s needs,” she said in an apparent reference to the fallout from the Bank Century case and recent moves to bring Golkar closer to the president’s ruling coalition. “I cannot afford to be part of it.”
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Sometimes it seems like the darkness is gathering. Consider today’s headlines, for instance:

Is This Statue So Divisive it Has to Go? In Bekasi, Yes

House Investigates Fresh Allegations Involving Tax Directorate

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